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Go Overboard - 10 Best Father's Day Gifts | 2019 UPDATED

Go Overboard - 10 Best Father's Day Gifts |  2019 UPDATED

What do you get for the dad in your life that doesn't need anything? We've categorized the 10 types of dads out there and found the perfect gift for each one. From the technophile to the outdoor grill master, we've got the gift search locked down. 

1. Power Hungry Dad

30w portable power pack for ipad

We all know the type of dad who's always on the go and has way too many devices. Why do you need TWO iPads, two phones, a laptop and an iPod. Who even uses an iPod anymore!? This power pack from Anker has him covered. With enough juice to fully charge a laptop, he'll be running non stop without a care in the world. 

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2. The Groomed Dad

Step aside Clooney, the bearded dad has the stage. For the dad in your life who has the most majestic (or unkempt) beard in the world, give him the gift moisture and hydration. The LA Roots Beard Master Starter Kit has everything dad needs to make his itchy beard feel and look better than it ever has before. And we hear these folks at LA Roots are pretty cool! Free shipping and free returns included.
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3. The Urban Dad

laser cut 3d city mapDoes dad lust for the city slickin day's of youth when he'd trawl the boroughs of New York? Does the domestic life get him down? Distract him from the mundanity of his sad existence with this artful gift. This visually stunning, 3d cut maps of the world's preeminent metros is sure to impress. With a touch of modern and a hint of nature, this unique take on a birds eye view is the perfect fathers day gift.

Buy on TouchofModern - $149.99

4. Doomsday Prepper Dad

Doomsday Prepper Gift Guide

So dad's a bit of a nut. But don't let him traipse into the impending apocalypse unprepared. This survival kit includes everything from a semi-serrated combat knife, utility bracelet, fire starter, and even a tactical pen to write your tactical mortgage checks. Seriously though, this kit has a bunch of great gizmos for a really low price.

Buy on Amazon - $29.99

5. The Drinking "On The Rocks" Dad

Gift for Alcoholic Dad

Does dad consider himself a fan of a fine scotch while he chugs down a Maker's Mark straight from the bottle? Does he insist that the wax seal adds fine notes of beeswax and pine? Hm, might wanna slow down there bub. Or at least class it up! Get dad this ceremonial whiskey glass set, which includes aircraft grade stainless steel chillers, perfect for chilling his drink without diluting the fine taste of literally the cheapest swill he can find. 

Buy on Amazon - $27.99

6. The Pescatarian Dad

Best Gift for Fisherman Dad

Is dad more at home on the river than watching TV on the couch? Does he leave for hours and return smelling like a swamp? Maybe, at the very least, you could help him organize his mess of a tackle box. This fisherman's backpack is the best in the game - sturdy construction, tons of storage, and finished in camouflaged green so the fish will never see him coming.

Buy on Amazon - $179.99

7. Grill Master Dad

Best Gift for Cook Dad

Let's face it dad - those pre-pressed patties from the grocery store DO NOT CUT IT. We expect greatness for a self proclaimed BBQ bro. Get dad to step up his burger game with this handy stuffed burger press AND included recipe book.

Buy on Amazon - $14.95

8. The Car Nut Dad

Best Gift for Car Truck Lover Dad

Newsflash - rubbing polish on your car by hand with a beach towel does not count as detailing, dad. Help dad figure it out because he's too cheap and prideful to do it on his own. This detailing kit has everything the car/truck obsessed dad needs to get his paint looking perfect and free of swirls and scratches.

Buy on Amazon - $179.99


9. The Baby Daddy

Priorities change when dad becomes a dad. He's gotta keep an eye on that wiggling little diaper monster to make sure it doesn't do something stupid (it will). So give dad the gift of convenience by affording him the luxury to never have to pause the game to check on the kid. This baby monitor is the best out there - >400ft range, HD video, and 2 way talk.

Buy on Amazon - $159.99

10. Coffee Dad

Let's face it - Folgers isn't what it used to be. And dad's resorted to "dubious" outlets to get his fix. Get him back on the straight and narrow with this luxuriously rustic manual coffee grinder. Occupying over 2 square feet of countertop space, you'll be begging him to put it away in no time!

Buy on Amazon - $35.99