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5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Beard Style

5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Beard Style

One of the greatest things about having a beard is that we aren’t tied down to just one style for the rest of our lives.  Beards grow pretty quickly, which means that once we’re ready for a change in style, we can simply start over from scratch and find a whole new way to express our unique personality using our facial hair.  But, when is the right time to switch up that style, exactly?

Today, we’ll be talking about the signs that your facial hair style needs a change.  Of course, at the end of the day, you can change your beard style whenever you want to.

Sign #1: You’ve Just Experienced a Major Life Change

When we experience a major change in our lives, we come out of it feeling like a different person.  This is why it’s definitely normal to feel the desire to dramatically change your beard style after something significant has occurred in your personal life.  If you’ve just moved to a new part of the world, found a new career or entered into a new relationship, you’ll likely feel compelled to express this new part of yourself in the way in which you style your beard.

Sign #2: You’re Seeing More Grays Than Usual

Many guys panic at the sight of grays in their beard, despite the fact that every man knows it’s inevitable.  Some guys find that once those grays start coming in, it’s time to change up their look in order to better conceal this unwanted change.  Reshaping the beard and keeping it shorter can deemphasize those pesky grays. 

Sign #3: Your Rate of Growth is Changing

Something that a lot of guys don’t know is that throughout their lives, the rate at which their beard grows will go through many changes.  Every guy finds that his growth rate peaks at a certain point in his life, which means that for a period of a few years at least, it will be easier to grow out a longer beard.  Of course, that also means that at some point, the rate of growth will slow down. If your rate of growth has recently changed, it may be time to switch up the length of your beard.

Sign #4: People are Treating You in a Way That Isn’t Positive

For better or worse, people judge us based on our appearances.  And, if you’re rocking a beard, people will make assumptions about your character based on the way it’s styled.  Now, sometimes this can work in a guy’s favor. Other times, however, it can work against a man. If you find that your beard is changing the way in which people perceive you for the worse, changing that style is probably a wise idea.

Sign #5: The Weather is Negatively Affecting Your Beard

Another thing to consider is that our beard changes throughout the year, and this is due to the weather.  For instance, a long beard that looks smooth and tidy in the dry months of the winter can look outrageously frizzy and messy during the humid months of the summer.  If you find that your beard is not handling the weather well, a change in style may be a good way to go.

Overall, If Your Beard Style is No Longer Suiting You, It’s Time for a Change

That’s why you should keep a lookout for these signs that the time has come to switch up the way in which you wear your facial hair.  Then, look for some inspiration in order to hopefully find a new style that better complements where you are in your life.