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A Guide to Keeping Your Curly Beard Looking Good

A Guide to Keeping Your Curly Beard Looking Good

If you’ve got a curly beard, you know that some things that seem to be effortless for most men don’t come easily to you.  Hair that’s naturally curly requires a bit more care and love than hair that’s straight, especially if those curls are also thick and coarse. 

Curly Hair Has Special Needs

Curly hair requires a lot more attention than straight hair.  That’s because curly hair is, by nature, more prone to dryness and damage.  See, our hair follicles naturally produce oils that coat and hydrate each strand of hair.  This oil starts at the follicle and works its way down to the end.  But, the curlier the hair, the harder it is for that oil to reach the ends, which means that those ends are essentially vulnerable to all kinds of damage.

This is why curly hair needs a lot more moisture than straight hair.  Straight hair, in essence, is much better at keeping itself moisturized, while curly hair needs a lot of help.

Tips for Keeping That Curly Beard Looking and Feeling its Very Best

The good news is that there are some easy ways to improve your curly beard.  We’ve made a guide to help you take care of those curly facial hairs so that your beard can look and feel its best.

Extra Hydration is Crucial

Like we said, curly hair is more prone to dryness due to the way in which those oils travel along the strands.  So, as you would imagine, it’s extremely important that you hydrate your beard with high-quality moisturizing products.  Invest in a good beard oil that’s made with plant-based ingredients.  These plant-based ingredients nourish the hair deep beneath the cuticle so that each strand can be restored to health.

We suggest that men with curly beards that are on the dry side use a beard oil twice each day.  This will help make up for any loss of hydration that occurs during the day.

Towel-Drying is a No-No

Towel-drying may seem like a quick and harmless way to stop your beard from dripping with water after a shower, but in reality, it’s actually quite harmful to men with curly beards.  The abrasiveness of traditional towels can damage those already-vulnerable strands, causing frizz and breakage.  If you must dry your beard right after stepping out of the shower, invest in a microfiber cloth.  Or, even easier, use a cotton t-shirt and carefully squeeze out excess water.

Styling Products are Required on Humid Days

Any man with a curly beard knows that humid days mean a frizzy, unkempt mess of facial hair.  That’s why it’s important to double down on your styling game when the humidity is high.  Using the right products will keep those curls nice and neat so that frizz doesn’t get in the way of your style.  Use a moisturizing beard balm to keep that hair tame. 

Harsh Ingredients Must be Avoided

We also can’t state enough the importance of using natural products when caring for your curly beard.  Avoid synthetic chemicals like petroleum and sulfates that can strip the hair of moisture, leaving each curl vulnerable to breakage.

Curly Hair Needs Extra Care and Consideration…

But the good news is that if you’re willing to invest a little more time and effort into maintaining your curly beard, the results will be drastic.  By following the guide above, you can enjoy the softest, silkiest and healthiest facial hair possible.  Use these tips to enhance your beard care routine so that those curls are as luscious as can be.