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Avoiding Dreaded Beard Shedding

Avoiding Dreaded Beard Shedding

If you’re worrying about seeing a few extra beard hairs in the sink each morning after going through your routine, it may be time to read up on beard shedding.  Obviously, it’s normal for some hairs to fall out from time to time as this is a perfectly natural biological process.  But, if you feel like you’re losing more hairs than usual, you may want to look into things a bit more deeply.

So, what’s considered normal beard shedding, and what’s cause for concern?  We’re going to get into the science behind beard shedding and help you figure out what may be going on as well as how to remedy the situation.

Do Beards Really Shed?

The fact of the matter is that beards do shed, and in most cases, this is very normal and not a reason to be alarmed.  Hair strands have natural lifespans, starting at the follicle during the development stage and growing up until a certain point when the follicle releases it so that a new, healthier strand can take its place.  It’s also worth pointing out that the curlier your hair, the more hairs you will lose per day.

So, yes, if you feel like you’re losing a few beard hairs here and there throughout the day, that’s because your hair follows a biological process.  But, there are many cases in which men can lose more beard hair than they can regrow, and this is known as excessive shedding.

Why Your Beard May Be Shedding More Than Usual

So, what are some of the reasons why beards may shed excessively?  Let’s break down the key factors so that you can figure out which one applies to you.

Brushing or Combing it Wrong

Brushing and combing are essential parts of beard maintenance.  They dislodge tangles while helping distribute moisturizing ingredients throughout each strand.  However, both beards and combs can do more harm than good if you’re using them incorrectly.

For one thing, we never advise aggressive tugging on knots in your beard.  This will loosen the strands from their follicles and cause them to fall out.  Instead, try to lightly pull on the knots and work the rest out with your hands.

Also, combing and brushing should only be done once or twice a day.  Excessive brushing and combing can gradually loosen those hairs, making them more prone to falling out.

Your Health Isn’t Great Right Now

Another thing that can cause excessive shedding is poor internal health.  Our hair follicles, like the rest of our bodies, require lots of nutrients so that they can fulfill their roles.  If your diet is lacking in certain key nutrients, your hair follicles won’t be able to maintain the health of your hair, and your hair will fall out as a result.

Using Harsh Products

Harsh ingredients that are found in many commercial beard care products can compromise the health of your beard, resulting in excessive shedding.  Strong, aggressive ingredients like sulfates and synthetic fragrances can actually irritate the follicles to the point that your facial hair actually falls out.

Your Beard Needs More Moisture

Lastly, you might want to consider adding more moisture to your routine.  If your beard isn’t moisturized, you’ll lose a lot of hair.  Hair that’s too dry can become dead and damaged, which means that it will begin falling out at a very quick rate.  So, consider using a nourishing beard oil at least once a day.  Carefully massage it into your beard, being careful not to tug on that facial hair.

Don’t Let Beard Shedding Hurt Your Overall Bearded Appearance

If you’re worried that your beard is shedding more than it should, there are a lot of things to consider before trying to address the issue.  The good news is that in most cases, beard shedding isn’t cause for serious concern.  Use this guide to pinpoint the issue and address it accordingly.