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Beard Tip: Keep Your Beard Looking Good, Even When Social Distancing

Beard Tip: Keep Your Beard Looking Good, Even When Social Distancing

Things are a little bit, well, strange right now.  Suddenly, we’re all feeling the effects of self-quarantining, as we lose track of how many days it’s been since we last socialized.  This means that a lot of us are easing up on our daily routines.  Many of us are staying in our sweats during the day, and spending more time watching TV than ever before as we try to adjust to this new, and thankfully temporary, way of life.

However, one area in which you shouldn’t ease up is your beard care routine.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Beard Care Routine, Even During a Pandemic

The thing about our beards is that they demand daily attention.  There are too many factors that can damage the facial hair, such as dry air, hot showers and pollution.  Once the facial hair is damaged to a point, it can’t heal itself, and so it must be cut off.  This is why daily beard care is crucial.  It prevents damage so that you can continue growing a healthy, soft beard.

So, even if you’re not seeing anyone right now, your beard still needs to be taken care of.  Taking a couple weeks off of your routine could mean that your beard becomes damaged beyond repair.

Tips for Getting Through This Period While Keeping Your Beard Healthy

So, how can you maintain the same beard care routine amidst the craziness?  Well, the good news is that here at LA Roots Beard Oil, we’re still producing and shipping our products.  So, you don’t have to worry about running out of your supplies.

One thing we want to suggest, however, is that before you touch your beard, you wash your hands.  You should be doing this anyway, but during a pandemic, it’s even more important.  Wash your hands with soap and warm water for the proper length of time to keep your facial hair virus-free.

Beard Coping

During this stressful time, one way to cope is to continue the routines that make us feel good about ourselves.  Besides that, our beards can’t really afford weeks off of daily care.  So, make sure that whatever you do, you stick to your beard care routine so that you can come out of this situation with a healthy-looking beard.