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Beard Wars: Curly vs. Straight

Beard Wars: Curly vs. Straight

We all know that feeling of beard envy.  We’ve spent months growing out a flawless beard, but suddenly, we see a guy who is naturally blessed with the facial hair type that we wish we had.  So, if you’ve got a curly beard, can you make it straight, and vice versa?

You can’t change the hair type that you were born with, but you can, in fact, follow some grooming tips in order to encourage the hair to appear more straight or curly than it naturally is.  We’re gonna give you some hacks that can help you style your beard despite what your natural hair type is.

Determining Your Natural Beard Type

By determining the type of beard that you naturally have, you’ll have a better idea as to how to style it in order to achieve the look that you desire.

Let the Beard Battle Begin!

One of the easiest things to determine is whether your beard hair type is curly or straight.  You won’t really be able to tell until you’ve allowed it to grow for a couple months, however.  Surprisingly, naturally curly hair can appear straight when the beard is very short, and naturally straight hair may curl a bit at first on some men, at least during the early growing stages.  So, don’t determine which type you have until after about two months at least.

Fine vs. Coarse

Now, many people think that fine hair is thin and that thick hair is coarse, but that’s actually not always the case.  While thinness and thickness refer to the diameter of each strand, fineness and coarseness refer to the texture.  So, run your fingers through your beard.  Is your hair extremely silky or does it feel more like thin little wires?  This will determine the natural texture of your facial hair.

Thin vs. Thick

Now, we get to the thickness of your hair.  Typically, curly hair is naturally thick while straight hair is naturally thin, but there are definitely exceptions to that rule. 

Keep in Mind…

Before we get into the ways in which you can style your beard to make it straighter or curlier, keep in mind that ultimately, the beard you were born with isn’t going to drastically change.  Therefore, don’t expect a pin-straight beard to develop ringlets, and don’t expect your extremely curly beard to be as straight as a sheet.


Of course, this is where it all starts.

To Make it Curly: First, you have to moisturize a lot.  Curly hair naturally needs way more moisture than dry hair.  You might be surprised to find that by moisturizing that beard twice each day with a beard oil, your natural curls appear that you didn’t even know you had.  Secondly, you can use a beard balm to scrunch in some curls.

To Make it Straight: Apply a heavier beard balm to your facial hair and comb it straight.  Then, apply a little more beard oil than usual to slightly weigh down those curls.  Make sure that you smooth the product into your beard using both palms.  This will result in a sleeker, straighter look rather than a curly one.

Washing and Drying

A clean and dry beard matter

To Make it Curly:  While your beard is still wet, scrunch it with your hands.  Then, use a t-shirt rather than a towel to further scrunch those curls.  We also recommend scrunching in your beard oil and balm while your beard is still wet as this promotes more curling.

To Make it Straight: After rinsing out your beard wash, apply a nice dollop of beard balm and give it a good comb to smooth out any curls.  Then, you can blow-dry it straight if you wish.

Brushing and Combing

Now, it’s time to shape it up

To Make it Curly: If you want your beard to be curly, never brush or comb it while it’s dry.  Doing so will only undo the natural curls that you have.  Instead, only brush or comb it right after you wash it while it’s still soaking wet.

To Make it Straight: Like we said, brushing and combing will undo curls, so you can brush or comb it while it’s dry if you want a straighter look.  To straighten it further, you can apply a beard balm before brushing or combing it.  This will help weigh down each curl while the brush or comb stretches it out.

Practice and Appearance Make Perfect

Whether you’re born with a naturally curly or straight beard, you can practice these styling and grooming tips in order to alter its appearance.  While you can’t change the hair type that you were born with, you can follow these hacks to create a new style.  And, don’t forget to use quality products for the best results!