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Bearded Team Spirit

Bearded Team Spirit

What do sports and beards have in common?  Well, to many, they both represent testosterone in all of its glory.  Lots of guys feel more connected to their masculinity when they watch their favorite team, and like sports, beards are the ultimate symbol of masculinity.  So, it makes sense that more and more guys are finding ways to enhance their beards to reflect their favorite teams.

Today, we’re going to talk about our new favorite trend, which is guys embellishing those beards as a way to root for their favorite teams.  As you’ll see, this trend is pretty easy to pull off.

How Men Decorate Their Beards for the Big Game

There are a few ways in which guys are using their facial hair to show off their team spirit.  Before we explain the ways, let’s talk about the types of beards that best work for this trend.  Of course, when it comes to decorating your beard to show love for your favorite sports team, your beard is the canvas.  So, the longer and thicker your beard, the bigger the canvas. In other words, the more facial hair you have, the more ambitious you can be when it comes to your decorations.

Temporary Color

One trend that we are seeing a lot of is guys using temporary color to turn their beards into colorful demonstrations.  Guys are using temporary spray-on color to create stripes of their team’s colors, or to even write their teams name on their beard.  If you’re particularly creative, the possibilities when it comes to coloring your beard to express your love for your favorite team are endless.  Again, bear in mind that the longer the beard, the more you can do here. So, remember that before you run out and stock up on coloring products.

Team Decorations

Additionally, men with thick and long beards can stick small decorations into their facial hair.  Some guys like to put Christmas ornaments representing their favorite teams directly into their beards, allowing the team-oriented images to dangle from their facial hair.  You can also use the image sticks that go into cakes. In fact, you can use just about anything if you’re creative enough, as long as it will fit securely in your beard and not be so heavy that it tugs on your facial hair.

When to Go for This Look

So, now that you know about this trend, you’re probably eager to rock it for the next game.  So, when is a good time to go for this highly decorated beard look? After all, it’s not exactly work-friendly.

Essentially, whenever it’s appropriate to wear head-to-toe team gear, it’s appropriate to decorate your beard using the imagery of your favorite team.  This means that if you’re going to a game, watching the game at home with your friends or going to a sports bar to watch the game on the big screen, this look is absolutely perfect.  In fact, if you’re one of many bearded buddies, you can each come up with your own unique look, which will only add to the experience of watching the game together. And, don’t forget that creativity always wins!

Go Team Beard!

There are plenty of ways to use your glorious beard as a canvas on which you can demonstrate your love of sports.  If you’re ready to try out this trend yourself, look for some inspiration online and put your unique spin on things.