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Beards: Finding That Perfect Center

Beards: Finding That Perfect Center

Growing the perfect beard relies on regular grooming and care.  We have to apply our beard oil daily, stay on top of maintaining the perfect shape and trim it from time to time to keep things neat and keep those ends nice and healthy.  Another thing that we must strive to maintain is symmetry. A symmetrical beard is an attractive beard, as unevenness can throw off a guy’s look altogether.

When we talk about symmetry as it relates to a beard, we also have to discuss what’s known as the center of the beard.  The center of the beard is the chin area, as this is where the two sides join. This is why paying attention to the center is so important when it comes to maintaining an even-looking beard.

The Center of the Beard: Why It Matters

The center of your beard is the focal point of your beard, and it also grounds the overall look.  When a person first looks at the face of a bearded man, their eyes are naturally drawn to the chin area.  So, having a centered and even chin area is crucial, because if it’s not looking its best, your whole beard will look sloppy as a result.

Getting That Beard Centered

So, how does a guy make sure that his beard is properly centered?  Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Simply observe the beard that is sitting on your chin, as the chin is naturally the center of your face.  Does your chin look like it’s evenly covered in facial hair, and that all the hair is the same length?

Truth be told that some guys struggle with patchiness in this area, which means that their chin will never be covered in a thick layer of even facial hair.  The reality is that it’s less important that it’s totally covered in facial hair, and more important that it’s symmetrical, as an asymmetrical chin area throws the entire beard out of whack.

Other guys find that some parts of their chin grow faster hair than other parts, which can cause this area to look lop-sided.  Again, this is something that you have to correct, as a lopsided chin means a lopsided beard overall. Luckily, all that you have to do is use your clippers to ensure that the area is symmetrical.

You’ll want to trim and shape your chin area according to the overall look that you’re trying to achieve.  Most guys like to follow the natural curve of the chin after the hair has reached a considerable length, as this allows for a less severe look.  Remember that the bottom line is that symmetry is key when it comes to maintaining the center of your beard, so keep it groomed accordingly.

Trust Us When We Say That It Makes a Huge Difference

If you want to maintain an attractive look as a bearded guy, it’s important that you pay special attention to your chin area, as this is the center and focal point of your beard.  Use this guide to figure out how to properly care for this area so that your overall beard can look as good as can be. Trust us when we say that it makes a huge difference.