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Boost Your Beard with Science

Boost Your Beard with Science

As you may have noticed, the beard care industry is at an all-time high, with countless products on the market that all claim to treat your beard right.  But, not all of these products can possibly live up to the claims, right? The fact of the matter is that a lot of beard care companies are not taking the time to formulate their products properly, often opting for cheap filler ingredients rather than nutrient-rich plant-derived oils and extracts that have been proven to improve the overall condition of your beard.

Beard care products need to be scientifically formulated in order to stand a chance when it comes to transforming your beard for the better.  At LA Roots, all of our beard care products have been formulated by PhD chemists who have devoted their lives to formulating products based on the laws of science.  As you’ll see, science and beard care go hand in hand.

Without Science, a Beard Care Product Can Only Do So Much

Over the last couple of decades, there have been many advancements in the world of beard care based on scientific experiments and new technological developments.  So, why do so many popular beard care companies refuse to catch up, instead opting for cheap formulas that may or may not work? Of course, the answer is money, and, as we know, so many companies are primarily concerned with boosting their profit margins rather than delivering science-backed formulas that have been proven to have the potential to transform your facial hair for the better.

Recent developments have allowed chemists to extract compounds from plant material and utilize them in beard care formulas in ways that we never thought were possible.  The process of carefully isolating and extracting individual compounds is tedious and expensive, but we at LA Roots believe that it’s worth it if it means that our products can live up to their claims.

LA Roots – Scientifically Formulated for Maximum Benefits

At LA Roots, we’ve hired PhD chemists to formulate our beard care products, because we want to live up to the claims that we make.  Our formulas aren’t full of cheap fillers, but plant compounds that have been studied for their effectiveness at directly benefiting facial hair.  We use ingredients like allantoin, a metabolic compound found to drastically reduce irritation, and plant-derived minerals that have been shown in studies to boost hair growth on a profound level.  Our team carefully creates formulas that maximize the potential of these unique compounds so that they can work their magic to the fullest of their abilities.

In other words, we don’t mess around when creating our products.  With science on our side, we know that what we have to offer is fully capable of giving you the beard of your dreams.  Sure, it requires more effort and investment on our part, but we’re not here to fill our pockets. Our mission is simple: to give you the best chance of having a fast-growing, lusciously soft and unbelievably healthy beard.  And, thanks to our team of chemists, we have the confidence that we can do just that.

We Take Our Beard Care Products Seriously

Which is why we hired licensed chemists to formulate our oils and serums.  Advancements in science have allowed us to understand the keys to good beard health like never before, and we want to provide our customers with products that have the scientific backing to demonstrate their effectiveness.