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Breaking Down Allantoin and the Importance of It in Beard Oil

Breaking Down Allantoin and the Importance of It in Beard Oil

Any man who takes beard care seriously knows that maintaining healthy skin is just as important as properly maintaining the facial hair itself.  The reality is that dry, irritated or inflamed skin can wreak havoc on the beard in a number of ways. For one thing, these issues can cause the beard to itch profusely, which can cause a man to scratch his facial hair area due to extreme discomfort.  Even worse, however, is that poor skin health can interfere with a beard’s ability to grow properly, while causing follicles to become damaged to the point that patches of hair fall out. Additionally, inflamed, dehydrated skin can lead to ingrown hairs, and who wants that?

Today, we’re going to discuss allantoin.  Allantoin is a unique chemical compound that has the ability to relieve the skin of symptoms like irritation and inflammation while drastically boosting the skin’s moisture levels. 

What’s Allantoin Anyway?

Allantoin is a chemical compound that is derived from the comfrey plant.  It’s known for its natural healing properties that soothe irritation and inflammation.  One thing that’s unique about allantoin is that it’s universally non-irritating, while so many plant-based compounds can cause irritation on sensitive skin.

Allantoin is an emollient, which means that when it’s applied to the skin, it produces a layer of moisture that sits on the surface, while its chemical properties go deep into the skin’s many layers.  Due to this top layer of moisture that it creates, the skin is simultaneously protected from moisture loss and irritation caused by external factors.

So, what does this have to do with your beard?  Well, when allantoin is applied to the skin, it can reduce the symptoms associated with skin conditions that can directly influence your beard.  Like we said earlier, irritation, inflammation and severe dryness can all cause hair loss as well as growth issues. Therefore, allantoin can directly improve the health of your beard when applied on a regular basis.

How’s Allantoin Formulated and Used in Products?

Allantoin is just one compound in the comfrey plant, and it’s extracted via various extraction methods.  Because it’s both water and alcohol soluble, it can be included in a wide range of formulations. It’s actually present in most skincare products that are on the market, as well as topical products intended for soothing irritation, such as aftershave products and diaper rash creams.

LA Roots Two-Step Hydrating Beard Care System: Fortified with Allantoin

So, do you want to give this unique plant compound a try?  If so, you’re in luck. At LA Roots, our team of chemists have figured out how to incorporate allantoin into a product that can be used daily.  The Two-Step Hydrating Beard Care System was specially formulated to boost the moisture levels of both the skin and the beard.  One of the two products included in this system is our Essence, which is a water-based product that’s fortified with high-quality, carefully extracted allantoin.

By applying our Essence daily, along with the Beard Oil that also comes with this revolutionary system, you won’t just be improving moisture levels, but you’ll be increasing the chances of having healthy beard growth.  You’ll also be ensuring that your skin is covered in a layer of protective moisture that combats external factors that can damage the follicles.

Truly One Effective Compound!

If you want a happy and healthy beard, you have to pay plenty of attention to the skin that’s underneath.  Fortunately, allantoin is a highly accessible chemical compound that has the potential to transform your skin in order to boost the appearance and feel of your facial hair.  And, at LA Roots, we’ve got the perfect beard care system that’s fortified with this beneficial chemical compound.