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Can Temperatures Affect Beard Oil Once It’s Been Applied?

Can Temperatures Affect Beard Oil Once It’s Been Applied?

So, you apply your beard oil every day because you want your facial hair to look and feel as soft and healthy as possible.  But the reality is that it’s not just the beard oil that you apply to your facial hair, but how you apply it as well.  One thing that can determine how effective your beard oil is has to do with temperature. Extreme temperatures are no friend to your facial hair, nor are they compatible with the products that you apply to your beard.

Today, we’ll be talking about how hot and cold temperatures affect your beard oil once it’s been applied to your facial hair.  As you’ll see, there are things that you must avoid once you’ve put on your beard oil in order to not affect the temperature of your facial hair.

Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures can inhibit your beard oil’s ability to penetrate the follicles, which is exactly where the oil needs to go in order to supply those follicles with the nutrients that it needs to maintain healthy growth and softness.  That’s because extreme cold causes the follicles to close up out of self-protection. The pores and follicles don’t want any internal heat to escape, so they become smaller. This means that your beard oil is not going to get deep beneath the surface of your facial hair.

Plus, cold temperatures can cause your beard oil’s consistency to become much thicker.  This means that it won’t be as evenly spread among all of your individual facial hairs. So, some hairs may be getting more beard oil than others.

Hot Temperatures

Hot temperatures can be equally consequential after you’ve applied your beard oil.  When the skin experiences sudden, extreme heat, moisture evaporates at a fast rate. Now, as you know, a beard oil’s primary goal is to supply your facial hair with moisture.  Applying beard oil to your beard and then exposing yourself to hot temperatures can cause a lot of that much-needed hydration to evaporate into thin air, meaning that you’re not getting the full effects of the beard oil.

How to Avoid Extreme Temperatures After Applying Beard Oil

The good news is that it’s not hard to avoid extreme temperatures once you’ve put on your daily amount of beard oil.  First, let’s talk about cold temperatures. If you’re putting on your beard oil on a particularly cold morning, do it about thirty minutes before stepping outdoors.  This will give your follicles ample time to absorb the beard oil. Also, try wrapping your beard in a scarf to minimize absorption interference.

Now, let’s talk about hot temperatures.  First of all, we recommend applying beard oil after taking a hot shower, instead of before.  A hot shower prior to application allows the follicles to open up so that more beard oil sinks in deep beneath the surface.  Also, like we said, a super-hot shower after beard oil application can cause the majority of the beard oil to evaporate before it gets a chance to do its job.  Besides, very hot showers can irritate your skin and hair, so we suggest limiting them in general. If you can, go for lukewarm showers instead, as this temperature is far more friendly to your beard.

Hot and Your Cold, Your Beard is Yes and No

Both hot and cold temperatures can have a negative impact on your beard oil’s ability to do its job.  Luckily, it’s fairly easy to avoid extreme temperature changes once you’ve completed your daily beard care routine.  Keep these tips handy when it comes maintaining an ideal temperature once the beard oil is massaged into your beard.