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Can Too Strong of a Beard Smell Be a Bad Thing?

Can Too Strong of a Beard Smell Be a Bad Thing?

There's really nothing like a perfectly groomed beard that smells clean, fresh and delicious. Today, it's easy to find high-quality beard products, such as our ROOTS FORMULA IX and ESSENCE that boast intoxicating fragrances that last all day long.

However, when it comes to beard fragrances, it's very easy to overdo it. One of the most common mistakes that bearded men make is applying an abundance of two differently scented products to their facial hair each day. This can result in a clashing, overpowering aroma that isn't exactly pleasing.

If you wanna master your beard fragrance game, follow the tips below. Each can help you figure out how to have the best-smelling beard around.

Clashing Scents

Many people mistakenly believe that more fragrance is always better. The problem is that layering different fragrances can result in an abundance of notes that clash with each other. This is actually a very common mistake that people make when it comes to wearing fragrances.

We all know that there are certain flavors that taste disgusting when they're combined despite the fact that they're delicious on their own. This applies to fragrances as well. 


Sometimes, we can get a headache from a scent that's too strong. If your beard has too much fragrance or too many fragrance notes, you can develop a headache as the nose becomes irritated. 

Nose Fatigue

Our noses do a lot of work in order to distinguish the unique notes in a fragrance. If the fragrance is too complex or too powerful, the nose can become fatigued, causing it to lose its ability to pick up on any fragrances at all.

Overwhelming to Those Around You

If you wanna impress the people around you, overdoing it with fragrance is not the way to go. If your beard fragrance is too strong, people may actually be turned off.

How to Avoid Over-Scenting Your Beard

Now that you have an idea of how it can get too strong, here’s how to prevent it from happening to your beard:

Tip #1: Stick to One Fragrance
Fortunately, many beard care brands have fragrance lines that consist of multiple products that all share the same scent. If you can, try to select a beard balm and a beard oil that have the same fragrance. This will prevent you from wearing clashing scents.

Tip #2: Use Products that Contain Plant-Based Fragrances
Generally speaking, plant-based fragrances are easier on the nose. That's because they don't contain the synthetic chemicals that can be quite irritating when inhaled. Look for products that contain botanical extracts and essential oils.

Tip #3: Use Less Product
It's also possible that you're just applying too much product to your beard. When it comes to using beard oils and beard balms, a little bit usually goes a long way.

Use the Right Amount

While we all want to smell good, none of us want to wear so much fragrance that we offend the noses of the people around us.