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Define That Bearded Neckline

Define That Bearded Neckline

You can have the most glorious, healthy beard in the world, but if you’re not properly taking care of that neckline, you’re not going to be looking your best.  The neckline of a man’s beard is perhaps the most neglected of all when it comes to general grooming practices.  But it turns out that a properly defined neckline can be the difference between looking sloppy and looking good.

One of the problems with shaving your neckline is that it’s not something that you notice each time you look in the mirror.  Therefore, you likely don’t even consider it an important part of your grooming routine. 

But, after reading this guide, you’ll never ignore it again.

Locate Your Neckline

The first thing that you need to do is stand in front of a mirror and turn your head up slightly.  Look for any hair that’s visible below your chin.  That’s the hair that needs to be shaved in order to have a defined neckline.  The next thing that you need to do is locate your Adam’s apple.  Any hair that grows below your Adam’s apple is what’s going to be removed.

Shave it Carefully

Now, it’s time to start shaving.  Here’s where you can get a little creative.  Some men like to shape it in a certain way in order to enhance the shape of their face.  And, some men prefer a certain type of fade while others like a more defined style.

We don’t suggest shaving your neckline into a perfectly round shape, only because that looks unnatural and therefore will become all that people see when they look at you.  Instead, slope it in a way that’s rounded but natural.  You can use the natural line of your jaw as a guide as this will look the most natural of all.

Now, take your razor and start shaving from your Adam’s apple downward.  It’s best to start at the center as this will be the top of the slope of your neckline.  Once you get the front-center part done, it’s time to work through one side at a time.

Once you get to the jawline, decide if you want a more rounded shape or a square shape.  Again, what you choose should be determined by the shape of your face and your jawline.  Certain bone structures look better with an angular neckline while others look great with a rounded shape.  As a rule of thumb, the sharper your jawline, the more angular your neckline should be.

Next, you need to decide how clean you want your neck to be.  If you want some stubble on your neck for a more laidback look, go right ahead.  If you want a perfectly smooth neck, feel free to shave away.

Lastly, it’s time to finish off your neckline-shaving experience with a nice post-shave product such as a lotion or an aftershave that will prevent irritation.  After all, you’ve just dragged a razor across a particularly sensitive part of your face, so you’re going to want to take care of that skin.

Shaving Your Neckline is a Crucial Part of Any Man’s Grooming Routine 

By doing it properly, you’ll have a perfectly defined beard that looks as natural as can be.  This guide will help you nail that neckline with ease.