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Do All-Natural Ingredients Matter in Beard Care?

Do All-Natural Ingredients Matter in Beard Care?

Many bearded guys go to great lengths to find the most high-end beard care products on the market in order to give their facial hair the love that it needs to look and feel its very best.  But, it’s a very common mistake to assume that the more expensive a beard care product is, the better it is for your facial hair.

What matters more than anything else is that your beard care products contain the right formulas.  The ingredients that you apply to your skin and beard on a daily basis have a lot to do with whether or not it’s healthy.  And, beard care experts agree that all-natural, plant-based ingredients are always the way to go.

Natural vs. Synthetic Ingredients

There are two types of ingredients that go into beard care products: natural and synthetic.  Natural means that they are derived from plants and are left in their pure form.  Synthetic ingredients have been created in laboratories.  So, what’s the difference in terms of how they affect your beard?

Synthetic ingredients are typically cheaper to produce, which is why so many companies use them.  The problem is that this doesn’t mean that they’re great for your facial hair.  Our beards are relatively fragile and therefore require gentle ingredients.  Many synthetic ingredients are known for being extremely harsh, stripping beards of moisture and leaving the skin irritated.

Natural Formulas LA Roots Uses

At LA Roots, we go out of our way to acquire natural, plant-based ingredients that are renowned for their ability to naturally and gently restore the beard back to health.  We rely on ingredients like argan oil, vitamin E, grape seed oil and essential oils that may be more expensive to produce but are far more beneficial in the long run.  These ingredients provide facial hair with lots of much-needed moisture that leaves each strand soft and silky.  And, these ingredients are naturally rich in nutrients that can dramatically improve the overall health of your facial hair as well as your skin.

Our all-natural formulas are thoroughly tested on bearded guys like you.  This allows us to know for certain that our products are non-irritating and are fully capable of transforming your beard for the better.  Our ingredients don’t contain any harsh stripping agents, and many men find that they make the facial air feel and look better than ever before.  We offer a variety of products that address various needs when it comes to beard care.

Overall, Beards Seem to Benefit the Most from Plant-Based Natural Ingredients

These ingredients tend to be gentler on the delicate facial hair and skin while naturally providing loads of nutrients that can improve the look and feel of our beards.  If you want to switch to all-natural formulas for your beard care routine, check out the beard care products from LA Roots.