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Fragrance or Unscented – That’s the Question

Fragrance or Unscented – That’s the Question

Any bearded guy who isn’t living under a rock knows that beard oil is the one product that he must use consistently in order to maintain healthy, soft and manageable facial hair.  But, as we all know, the beard oil market is massive, with so many products to choose from that it can be intimidating.

One of the first decisions that a bearded guy must make is whether or not he wants a scented beard oil.  Many beard oils on the market have fragrances, but unscented ones are popular as well.

When You Want Fragrance

So, when is it smart to use a scented beard oil?  Well, many guys find that the right beard oil fragrance eliminates the need for other scented products like cologne.  So, if you don’t want to spend money on expensive fragrance products, a scented beard oil that smells unique and exceptional can do the trick all on its own. 

Also, scented beard oils are great for guys who struggle with beard sweat.  As you probably know, chronic beard sweat can cause bacteria to linger on the skin, and this can produce an unwanted smell.  A scented beard oil masks this odor perfectly so you can feel less self-conscious when someone gets up close and personal with your beard.

When You Don’t Want Fragrance

Sometimes, unscented is the way to go.  This is true for guys who already wear fragrance, and don’t want anything clashing with the scent that they’re wearing.  It’s also the case for guys who have uniquely sensitive olfactory glands. If you find that fragrances make your nose feel irritated, it’s best to stick with unscented.

Additionally, not every guy likes fragrance, and that’s totally fine.  Some guys would rather not smell like anything in particular, and for those guys, an unscented beard oil makes perfect sense.  

Lastly, some guys have allergies to particular fragrances that can cause bad reactions, especially on the skin.  If you’re someone who has a number of skin allergies, avoiding fragrance altogether may be a smart move.

The Beard Oil at LA Roots – You’re in Control

At LA Roots, we let you decide whether you wish to rock a scented or unscented beard oil.  When you order our signature beard oil, you can pick between scented and unscented.  Our scented beard oil has a spicy, invigorating masculine scent that’s derived from natural ingredients, meaning that it has long-lasting power and the ability to act as your sole fragrance for the day. 

Meanwhile, our unscented beard oil has the same great formula that your facial hair will love, only without any fragrance added to it.  This unscented beard oil will leave your beard soft, silky and as healthy as can be, just like the one that contains fragrance.

We know that every guy is different, which is why we like providing our customers with options.  Whether you love our fragrance or decide it’s best to go without it, we know that you’ll be totally satisfied with our stellar formula that boosts beard health with natural ingredients.

The Bearded Choice is Yours!

As you can see, whether you choose a scented or unscented beard oil is completely up to you and can be influenced by a number of factors.  The good news is that at LA Roots, we leave that choice up to you. Whether you choose our beard oil with fragrance or without, we know that your facial hair will be getting everything that it needs to look and feel its very best.