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Giving Your Beard the Right Amount of Time to Grow Out

Giving Your Beard the Right Amount of Time to Grow Out

If you're a man who is trying to grow a full, long beard, you know that patience doesn't come easily. It's tempting to spend hours in the mirror each day monitoring the growth of your beard. 

The reality is that growing a thick and healthy beard takes time. However, there are some things that you can do during the growing process that may help speed things up a bit. Below, you'll learn four easy tips that can help make the growing process more fruitful as well as tolerable. 

Tip #1: Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Most men know testosterone plays a huge role in the growth of facial hair. Higher testosterone levels result in thicker, faster-growing hair. If your testosterone levels are naturally low, there's nothing to fear. As it turns out, you can increase your testosterone levels safely and naturally by increasing the amount of protein and healthy fats that you consume. Additionally, exercise has been proven to increase testosterone. This is especially true when it comes to lifting weights. 

Tip #2: Practice Proper Grooming Techniques

If you want to keep your beard growing properly, it's important to practice good grooming techniques. Grooming isn't just about making your beard feel soft and look shiny. The right grooming products will keep your hair follicles healthy by nourishing them with nutrients and providing lots of moisture. When hair follicles are healthy, hair grows more quickly. It's important to wash your beard daily with a natural washing product that's specially designed for facial hair. Stay away from harsh chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils. Additionally, keeping your beard and skin hydrated is essential. Invest in a good beard oil or moisturizer. 

Tip #3: Leave It Alone

It may be tempting to pick at your beard and want to trim it regularly while you're waiting for it to grow to its full potential. Contrary to popular belief, trimming your beard will not make your facial hair grow more quickly. Also, if you're the type of man who always needs to keep his hands busy, make sure that you don't develop the habit of plucking and picking at your beard. This will only cause you to lose the fullness of your beard, resulting in a patchy appearance. 

Tip #4: Be Patient

Most importantly, be patient during the growing process. While it may seem like your beard will never get to the length and fullness that you desire, we promise that a little time and patience will give you the results that you're after. 

Use These Tips

If you want to achieve a healthy, thick and full beard, these tips can help you tremendously. Most importantly, however, it's wise to be patient and allow your hair to grow in its own time.