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Having a Morning Beard Routine

Having a Morning Beard Routine

If you've been growing your beard for some time but aren't satisfied with its feel and appearance, it might be time to develop a strong morning grooming routine. If you're yearning for facial hair that's soft, smooth, silky and neat, a daily regimen is exactly what you need. By properly maintaining your beard each day, you can protect it from damage and keep it looking and feeling as healthy as can be.

Waking Up the Proper Bearded Way

There are many reasons why a beard may not look and feel its healthiest. For one thing, weather-related factors can seriously take away from the well-being of your facial hair. Dry weather, harsh winds, intense humidity and extreme heat can all damage the cuticles of your hair, causing them to become brittle, broken, frizzy and dry.

It's also possible that you have hair that's naturally prone to damage. If your hair is particularly thick or curly, it's more likely to be affected by humidity, resulting in frizz. Thick, curly hair is also more prone to dryness.

A daily routine helps you maintain the appearance of your beard while giving it nutrients that keep it soft and healthy. If you don't know where to start, you're in luck. We've created a guide to developing the perfect daily beard routine.

How to Create the Perfect Morning Beard Routine

Now that you know how crucial it is to develop a morning beard routine, here is how to go about doing it.

Brush or Comb

The first thing you should do is brush or comb your hair with a high-quality grooming tool that's specially made for facial hair. Whether you use a brush or comb is really up to you. 

Thoroughly brush or comb your beard. If your beard is long, make sure that you brush or comb both the back and front to get rid of any tangles. Brushing or combing also helps distribute the natural oils created by the hair follicles.

Trim if Necessary

You don't need to trim your beard each day. However, if the shape is starting to look a bit messy, grab your beard scissors and get to work.

The LA Roots Beard Master Starter Kit is the Definitive Product You Need

It's a 2-step process to hydrate and soothe your beard.

Step 1 is LA Roots Beard Oil and step 2 is LA Roots Essence. This is the definitive beard care regime - used daily, the LA Roots Oil and Essence combo will give you a moisturized, attractive beard.

LA Roots Beard Oil was crafted with one goal in mind - make the best beard.

In developing LA Roots Formula IX, we tested, and I kid you not, hundreds of existing beard oils. Some were good, some were OK, but all of them had just a little something that wasn't right. We learned what worked for our beards and what will work for your beard too.

Flaky, dry skin not only makes your beard itchy, but also leaves unflattering dandruff that everyone can see.  LA Roots Formula IX is optimized to moisturize your skin and leave a protective sheen on your beard. This leaves it feeling hydrated and looking great.

And remember, healthy looking skin never appears oily, so we made sure Roots Formula IX absorbs fast.

Start Your Bearded Mornings Off Right

By developing a morning beard routine, your facial hair will look and feel its best all day long.  Craft your perfect beard right now.