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Having Your Confidence Grow Just Like Your Beard

Having Your Confidence Grow Just Like Your Beard

When we see a guy rocking a healthy, luscious beard, we tend to automatically assume that he’s very confident in himself.  After all, being able to grow a triumphant beard is a sign of masculinity, as it indicates high testosterone levels.  But the reality is that confidence isn’t something that automatically comes with a nice amount of facial hair. Many guys may look confident on the outside, but inside, their self-esteem is suffering.

Finding the Inner Confidence Worthy of a Bearded Man

At LA Roots, we don’t just want our customers to feel confident about their beards.  We want them to feel confident inside and out. So, if you’re struggling to find your inner sense of confidence, this article is for you.

Self-Esteem Bearded Tip #1: Maintain a Daily Beard Care Routine

It’s true that beards can help us feel more confident.  One way in which this is the case is by making us feel proud of ourselves for committing to a daily routine.  When we commit to something important, we feel better about ourselves, because it shows us that we aren’t failures.  So, make a point to maintain your daily beard care routine so that it can remain a source of pride.

Self-Esteem Bearded Tip #2: Don’t Just Stop with the Beard – Develop a Personal Style That Shows Off Your Uniqueness

Self-confidence and self-expression go hand in hand, so don’t rely solely on your beard to show off your individuality.  Now that you’ve grown a beard that’s totally unique to you, why stop there? Consider using your hair and clothing choices as ways to further develop your personal style, because by feeling like you can express your individuality, your confidence can soar.

Self-Esteem Bearded Tip #3: Squash Stress for Better Self-Esteem

Many, many psychologists agree that stress and low self-esteem are intrinsically linked.  When we are constantly under stress, we begin to doubt ourselves and our abilities, and this can lead to a serious lack of confidence.  To make things even more complicated, stress can deplete our “feel-good” hormones that make us feel optimistic about ourselves and our life choices.  So, consider one of the many stress-busting techniques out there, whether it be daily meditation or weekly therapy sessions.

Self-Esteem Bearded Tip #4: Don’t Use Your Beard to Hide

One mistake that many men make is that they grow out their beard not to enhance their appearance but to hide from the world.  After all, there’s something about having a full face of hair that makes us feel like the world can’t see our true selves. If this is why you grew out your beard, it’s time to reverse the logic and see your beard as an extension of the creativity that makes you so unique.

Find Your Bearded Confidence Along the Way

Confidence comes from within, and it doesn’t care about the size or softness of your beard.  While growing a flawless beard can be a great starting point for a guy in search of confidence, it doesn’t end there.  Use this guide to improve your self-esteem while you rock that glorious facial hair that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.