LA Roots Beard Oil

How Long Does LA Roots Beard Oil Typically Last for?

How Long Does LA Roots Beard Oil Typically Last for?

If you’ve invested in a bottle of beard oil from LA Roots, you understandably want to get as much use out of it as possible.  Besides wanting to ensure that it really works in terms of transforming your beard, you also want to know that the bottle will last you for a while so that you can get your money’s worth.

So, how long does LA Roots Beard Oil last?  Well, it depends on the factors below.

In Terms of the Bottle

First, let’s talk about what can determine how long your bottle lasts before it’s time to restock.

Determining Factor #1: Length of Your Beard

The length of your beard determines how much beard oil you use daily, obviously.  Because there are so many different lengths of beards out there, some guys can get away with a couple drops while others may need to pour quite a bit into their palm in order to cover their entire beard.

Determining Factor #2: Thickness of Your Beard

The thickness level of your facial hair also makes a difference, as thicker hair requires more product due to the fact that there’s just more surface area.

Determining Factor #3: Whether You Use it Once a Day or Twice a Day

Most guys use their beard oil once a day, as that’s enough to give them the moisture they need.  But, some guys with particularly dry facial hair find that twice a day works better for them.

In Terms of its Effects on Your Beard

Now, let’s talk about how long that beard oil can last in terms of providing moisture for your beard.

Determining Factor #1: How Much You Use

How much you use has a lot to do with how long your beard will enjoy the effects of the product.  If you use too little, not enough will have absorbed into the facial hair to really work its magic.

Determining Factor #2: How Dehydrated Your Beard is

If your facial hair is extremely dry and dehydrated, your beard’s moisture levels might not last as long following beard oil application.

Determining Factor #3: The Conditions to Which Your Beard is Exposed

Another factor is the conditions that your beard is exposed to.  For instance, if you live in a house with very dry air, it can essentially suck the moisture out of your beard shortly after application.

Lasting Bearded Thoughts

LA Roots beard oils are capable of giving your beard exactly what it needs to look and feel its very best.  If you’ve invested in one of our beard oil formulas, consider the factors above that determine how long the product will last, both in terms of the bottle and its effects on your beard.  But, also rest assured that we’ve put a lot of effort into producing a beard oil formula that lasts in both ways.