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How Much Testing Should Go into Creating Beard Oil?

How Much Testing Should Go into Creating Beard Oil?

If you’ve ever purchased a beard oil from LA Roots, you probably haven’t considered the fact that before that product formulation made its way onto the market, it was tested over and over again until it was absolutely perfect.  Testing a beard oil formula is the only way that we can advertise it as effective and beneficial and offer it to a broad range of customers without worrying about it causing potential issues like irritation or hair loss. 

As you can imagine, testing a beard oil formula is extremely important.  Without testing, companies could sell beard care products that aren’t just ineffective, but also bad for the skin and facial hair. 

Why Testing Matters

A lot of companies out there are making beard oil products, and as you know, not all beard oils are created equally.  A beard oil formula can contain any number of ingredients, and those ingredients can be either natural or synthetic in terms of their origin.  Now, obviously, the goal of a beard oil is to enhance the beard without causing any unwanted side effects. This is why a company absolutely has to test their formulas on real bearded guys before putting them on the market.

Testing for Irritation

One very important thing that companies must test for is the potential for their beard oil formula to cause irritation.  Some ingredients can be more irritating than others, and as we know, irritation can be a real problem that can result in inflamed skin, relentless itching and even peeling. 

Testing for Effectiveness

The main goal of using a beard oil each day is to give the beard the moisture that it requires to be healthy and look its best.  Therefore, beard oil companies have to test their beard oil on a number of different beard types to be able to know for certain that their formula is capable of hydrating the facial hair adequately. 

Testing for Agreeable Fragrance

Another aspect of the testing process is trying out the fragrance on a bunch of different guys.  The fragrance of a beard oil is very important as we all want to smell good as well as look good.  If a large number of test subjects feel that the fragrance of a particular beard oil is overpowering or unpleasant, the company must consider changing the fragrance altogether.

How LA Roots Does it Right

At LA Roots, we understand the importance of rigorous testing before launching a new beard oil product.  For one thing, we only test on guys with beards, as we do not believe in testing on animals. Also, by testing on real people, we can get organic feedback that helps us a lot when we develop new formulas.  We test our beard oils several times and on a large number of subjects, as it’s important to us that we have as much data as possible regarding the performance of our products. If we discover that a particular formula doesn’t deliver in terms of hydration, or tends to cause irritation, we start over to create a new and better formula.

Beard Oil Testing Matters!

At LA Roots, we are proud of our exceptional beard oil formulas because we know that they work after extensive testing.  Throughout the testing process, we learn a whole lot about our formulas, and we also gain insight into what needs to be tweaked and what needs to be left alone.