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How the LA Roots 2-Step Beard Care System Works

How the LA Roots 2-Step Beard Care System Works

The key to having a flawless, healthy beard is having the right daily routine.  And, the right daily routine is only as good as the products that are being massaged into the beard and skin on a daily basis.  At LA Roots, we’ve made it easy for men to achieve a softer, healthier and faster-growing beard thanks to the 2-Step Beard Care System.  This carefully formulated system provides you with everything that you need in order to watch your beard transform quickly and dramatically.

The 2-Step Beard Care System is unique in that it was scientifically formulated by chemists with much experience in the field of beard care.  Unlike lots of products on the market, it consists of all-natural ingredients that come from plant sources.  This is superior as synthetic ingredients can be far too harsh for delicate hair follicles, strands and skin.

This revolutionary system consists of two products: a beard oil and an essence.  They are meant to be used one after another to maximize their unique benefits to your facial hair.  The oil is, as you would assume, an oil-based moisturizer that’s loaded with nourishing plant oils.  Meanwhile, the essence seals in that moisture while providing the skin and beard with some exceptional nutrients of its own.  As an added bonus, the essence soothes skin that’s prone to irritation caused by various factors.

We take our beard care products seriously, because you deserve the best.  That’s why we’ve thoroughly tested our 2-Step Beard Care System on many willing participants before offering it to customers.   

Using LA Roots 2-Step Beard Care System to Its Fullest Potential

The LA Roots 2-Step Beard Care System is intended for daily use.

Step #1: We recommend using this system in the morning after taking a shower or a bath.  The warm, humid air will help open up the follicles and pores so that they can absorb more of this beneficial combination of ingredients.  If you wash your beard in the morning, do so.

Step #2: Pour out your beard oil into the palm of your hand.  You will likely need to experiment with the exact amount that’s right for you, as different beard lengths and hair types will need a slightly different quantity.  Then, massage the beard oil directly into your beard, making sure that you get plenty on the skin beneath your beard as well.  Massage until you feel as though most of the beard oil has been thoroughly absorbed into the hair cuticles and the skin’s pores.

Step #3: Now, it’s time to apply your essence.  Again, pour some out into your hand, and know that it may take a few tries to get the amount just right for your specific beard.  Then, massage away once again.  Now, you’re all set for the rest of the day, and you can rest easy knowing that these products are hard at work nourishing your precious facial hair and skin.

Maximize Your Daily Beard Care Routine with Minimal Effort

To achieve just that, once again, the 2-Step Beard Care System by LA Roots is the way to go.  This revolutionary beard-transforming system will give you softer, healthier and more manageable hair thanks to the unique blend of nutrients derived from plant-based sources.  If you’re ready to take that facial hair to the next level, the 2-Step Beard Care System is the way to go.