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How to Fix a Patchy Beard

How to Fix a Patchy Beard

We know that beard patchiness is a common problem that can damage men’s confidence, and earlier, we discussed the many things that can contribute to this frustrating condition.  Today, we’ll be discussing the ways in which you can fix uneven beard growth in order to kiss that embarrassingly patchy facial hair goodbye. 

Once you determine the cause of your patchy beard, as there are many factors that can lead to this condition, you can then figure out the best course of action.

Visit a Dermatologist

First, we recommend seeing a dermatologist in order to rule out any skin issues that can be causing that patchy appearance.  Skin issues such as skin infections and inflammatory conditions are far more common than we think, and they are not always symptomatic.  Because skin issues can dramatically interfere with beard growth, ruling out a skin problem is a great place to start.

Have Your Hormone Levels and Nutrient Levels Checked

Next, we recommend checking your hormone levels and nutrient levels with your doctor by running some basic tests.  As we’ve said, both poor nutrition and low testosterone can cause a beard to grow in unevenly.  By having these levels checked, you can figure out if some sort of imbalance or deficiency is to blame.

Improve Your Diet and Lifestyle

Even if you don’t end up checking your nutrition and hormones, you can still take certain measures to improve your overall health.  After all, a healthy beard depends on good internal health.  So,t make a point to diversify your diet, eating more plant-based foods that fill your body with nutrients that help your beard grow in more fully.  Also, try to avoid stress as much as possible, and cut down on alcohol, smoking and other habits that can interfere with your overall health.

Eat More Testosterone-Boosting Foods

Because testosterone levels are directly linked to beard growth, we suggest adding more foods into your diet that are known to increase testosterone.  Foods such as eggs, tuna, oysters, beef, spinach and beans have all been found to improve testosterone levels.

Grow it Out

Also, remember that for many men, a patchy beard is just one phase of the growing process.  The longer you let your beard grow, the more hair you’ll have to cover those patchy areas.  So, if you plan on having a long beard, know that after a certain growth point, those patches will no longer be nearly as visible. 

Invest in Better Beard Care Products

Lastly, we can’t stress enough the importance of using the right products on your beard.  Not only will low-quality products damage your facial hair, but they can also make existing problems with growth far worse. 

One product that we strongly recommend is LA Roots Over Grown Beard Growth Oil.  This carefully formulated beard oil is fortified with a wide variety of nutrients that have been proven to even out beard growth.  Its ingredients specifically target hair follicles that are underperforming, allowing your facial hair to grow at a faster and more even rate. 

Put an End to Bearded Patchiness

While having a patchy beard isn’t uncommon, it is aggravating for any man who dreams of having a thick, full, even and all-around glorious beard.  The good news is that while lots of things can cause a patchy beard, just as many things can fix it.  Simply refer to this guide in order to start tackling this issue so that your beard can be nice and even at last.