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How to Relieve Beard Itch

How to Relieve Beard Itch

While beard itch can be excruciatingly irritating (literally), there are plenty of ways to treat it. First, you must determine the cause behind it. Then, you can simply make some easy adjustments to your beard care regimen to kick that itchy sensation to the curb once and for all.

Today, we’ll be getting into all of the ways in which you can modify your beard routine in order to eradicate beard itch.

Cleanse Your Beard Daily

Because beard itch can be caused by poor hygiene, cleansing your beard daily is a great place to start. Using a gentle, natural cleanser on your beard each day removes dirt, oil, dead skin and bacteria that can all work together to create that annoying itchy sensation.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Because so many of us are prone to dry skin, it’s no surprise that beard itch is so common. When the skin becomes dry, irritation develops, and itching is one of the most common symptoms of irritation. So, the solution is moisture, and lots of it. We strongly suggest using a high-quality beard oil containing plant-based ingredients in order to give your beard and skin all of the moisture that it craves to ward off itchiness.

Identify Any Potential Allergies

A skin allergy can cause severe itchiness, so start ruling out any potential allergens in your routine. For instance, if you find that products that have heavy fragrances cause your beard to itch, try using unscented products for a while and see what happens.

See a Dermatologist to Rule Out an Infection

If your itching is severe, accompanied by other symptoms or has been going on for a while despite making changes to your daily routine, you may want to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. He or she can rule out any potential bacterial or fungal infections that are causing the itching to persist.

Avoid Harsh External Factors That Dry Out Skin

Lots of external factors can dry out or irritate our skin, and this can lead to itching. Dry, cold air is notorious for causing beard itch, as is hot water. So, when you go outdoors during the cold months, try wrapping your beard in a scarf. And, when you shower and do your beard care routine, use lukewarm water rather than hot. Also, if your home is

particularly dry due to the heater or air conditioner that you use, we strongly recommend that you invest in a humidifier or two.

Stick to Natural, Gentle Products

Easily the most important change that you can make to eliminate beard itch is switching the products that you use. For one thing, many commercial beard care products contain harsh filler ingredients that can lead to irritation after a while. Additionally, natural, gentle products that contain plant-based ingredients can actually heal irritation due to the healing properties in the plant compounds. At LA Roots, all of our formulas contain nutrient-rich plant-based ingredients that can fight beard itch by soothing the skin and providing it with tons of moisture.

Don’t Let an Itchy Beard Stop You from Having One!

By making the changes suggested above, you’ll be well on your way to saying goodbye to that itchy beard at last. If you want to maintain a healthy, itch-free beard, simply stay on top of your daily routine, avoid things that dry out the skin and invest in high-quality, all-natural beard care products. We have developed exceptional Two-Step Beard Care System that gently nourish your beard without causing irritation.