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How to Remove Those Little Beard Curls

How to Remove Those Little Beard Curls

If you haven’t had the chance, check out our post on what causes those little beard curls to happen. This piece is gonna discuss the ways in which you can get rid of them.  What we don’t suggest is plucking them out individually, as this can cause damage to both the follicle and the skin. 

Instead, try using one of these tips below.

Tip #1: Keep Your Ends Trimmed Regularly

Some men find that those random kinky curls only develop when they don’t regularly trim their ends.  After the beard has reached a certain length, the ends of the facial hair are very mature, which means that they’ve been exposed to various factors that can cause damage, ultimately changing the curl pattern.  Also, some guys just naturally have a curl pattern that only presents itself after the facial hairs have reached a certain length. The obvious solution is trimming those ends on a fairly regular basis.

Tip #2: Stop Using Moisture-Stripping Products

If you’re using harsh beard care products that strip away moisture, stop immediately.  Your facial hair should never feel dry after you’ve applied your products to it. Avoid beard washes that are full of sulfates, and styling products that contain synthetic chemicals that can damage the beard. 

Tip #3: Watch Your Diet and Stress Levels

Diet and stress can both play a role in the curl pattern of your beard.  If your diet has been lacking lately, or if you’ve been dealing with a lot of stress all of a sudden, consider making some significant changes to your daily routine in order to overcome these issues.  Besides benefiting your beard, you’ll be improving your overall health.

Tip #4: Avoid Extremely Dry Air

Dry air is an enemy, as far as beards are concerned.  When the air is dry, our facial hair loses the moisture that it needs to be healthy.  If your home is dry because of your heating or cooling system, invest in a humidifier or two.

Major Tip: Add Some More Moisture to Your Routine with LA Roots

Most often, beard-related issues are caused by a lack of moisture.  We underestimate just how much moisture our facial hair needs to be healthy.  Dry facial hair can lead to those random, individual curls. We suggest investing in LA Roots Two-Step Beard Care to ensure that your beard has the moisture that it needs to look and feel its best.

Become Beard Curl-Free

Sure, those random beard curls are annoying, but usually, there’s an easy solution.  Use this guide to figure out the best way to get rid of those curls in a way that also prevents them over the long term.  And, remember to check out the beard care products from LA Roots as they can restore the health of your facial hair so that you can say goodbye to those curls once and for all.