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Ingredients Make a Big Difference When it Comes to Beard Care Products

Ingredients Make a Big Difference When it Comes to Beard Care Products

If you’ve been taking the time and effort to grow a full and luscious beard, you deserve only the best products in order to ensure that it remains healthy.  As you may already know, our beards and skin deal with a lot of harsh and damaging elements throughout the day, which is why the products that we choose can make or break the overall health of our facial hair and our complexion.

Now, you may think that you can just run out and grab any old beard oil, face wash and beard balm, but sadly, that isn’t the case.  As you’ll see, what matters the most is that you thoroughly look through ingredients before purchasing any beard care items.  Otherwise, your daily routine just may be doing more harm than good.

The Problem with the Commercial Beard Care Industry

Now, as it becomes more fashionable for a man to grow out his beard, we’re seeing loads of new product lines hitting the commercial beard care market.  Now, there are some great products out there, but the sad truth is that a lot of the ones that you’ll see lining the shelves aren’t actually good for your beard or your skin.

It’s no surprise that many beard care companies out there are trying to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible.  This is the truth with any industry.  The problem is that lots of beard care companies put cheap filler ingredients in their products in order to fluff up their formulas.  A lot of these cheap filler ingredients are actually too harsh for your beard and skin.  Ingredients such as petroleum-based synthetic fragrances, sulfates and certain emulsifiers can leave skin irritated and itchy while stripping your beard of moisture over time.  That doesn’t sound too conducive to be rocking a healthy-looking beard, now does it.

Our Skin and Beards Are More Sensitive Than We Think

The reality is that the skin on our face and our beards are very sensitive.  Throughout the day, our facial hair and complexion are exposed to harsh weather, pollution, chemicals in water and more.  Over time, these factors cause damage to the hair strands, follicles and skin.  This leaves our skin and beards very prone to inflammation, irritation and incredible dryness.  And, when beard hairs get dry, the protective layers that coat each strand start to break, meaning that you’ll eventually end up with split ends that require you to chop off your beard.

Given the fact that our beards and skin are so sensitive, it makes sense to really consider the ingredients that we’re applying to them.  It’s crucial that we replenish and nourish our facial hair and complexion so that our beards and skin can be as healthy as can be.

Why Plant-Based Ingredients Never Fail

There’s no doubt that the best ingredients you can apply to your skin and beard are natural, plant-based oils and extracts.  These ingredients are naturally rich in nutrients that nourish each strand and pore.  And, plant-based ingredients rarely leave the skin irritated but rather supply it with much-needed moisture that will only enhance your beard game. 

LA Roots Beard Care Products: Ingredients that Benefit Your Skin and Beard

At LA Roots, we don’t mess around when it comes to developing our formulas.  We want your beard to be as glorious as can be, which is why we stick to natural ingredients that are derived from plants.  For instance, we’re a big fan of argan oil, a natural oil that’s renowned for its ability to drench the skin and beard in moisture without leaving you feeling greasy.  Meanwhile, jojoba oil has the unique ability to soothe irritation and supply skin with vitamins that help your beard grow like never before.

We’re so confident in our natural formulas that we proudly display our ingredients our website.  You’ll see that our formulas don’t contain any questionable chemicals that can cause serious damage to your complexion and your facial hair.

Natural Ingredients are the Way to Go

The next time you go to stock up on beard care products, make sure that you read the ingredients first.  Otherwise, you can actually end up damaging that facial hair that you’ve worked so hard to grow.  At LA Roots, our products contain natural ingredients that leave your skin and beard feeling and looking absolutely great.