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Is it a Good Idea to Mix Beard Product Scents?

Is it a Good Idea to Mix Beard Product Scents?

When we practice our grooming routines, the only thing that we care about as much as looking good is smelling good.  We all put a lot of effort into using top-notch beard care products that give our facial hair a soft and healthy appearance.  Additionally, many of us spend a good deal of time picking out the right beard product fragrance so that we smell great throughout the day.

Mixing and Matching Beard Fragrances: What You Need to Know

Today, there is a massive array of beard care products, and each one has its own unique scent.  Therefore, it’s not unusual for men to mix different beard product scents each day.  However, as you’ll see, there’s an art to mixing fragrances, and it’s important to master it if you want to smell amazing rather than overbearing.

It’s Not Necessary

Before we begin, remember that more fragrances do not automatically equal a better overall scent.  For instance, if your beard care product has a particularly complex aroma, that’s often all that you need to smell amazing throughout the day.

Not All Fragrance Blends are Complementary

Bear in mind that just because two products smell good doesn’t mean that they’ll smell good together.  Think about it this way: we love ice cream and we love hamburgers.  But, does that mean that inevitably, putting ice cream on top of a hamburger will taste amazing?

If you’re going to mix fragrances, try to combine scents that naturally complement each other.  For instance, floral scents go with citrus scents, and woodsy scents go with minty scents.

If You Plan to Mix Scents, Don’t Overdo It

If you do want to mix different product scents, don’t overdo it.  First of all, don’t put a whole lot of each product on your beard.  Otherwise, your aroma will be overpowering rather than natural-smelling.  And, don’t mix two extremely complex, multi-scented products.  In other words, keep it simple.

Consider Other Fragrances That You Wear as Well

Remember that not every man only wears a fragrance in his beard.  If you also wear a cologne, for instance, you may want to stick to one beard scent.  Too many fragrances at once can produce the opposite of the desired effect, creating a smell that’s muddy and overwhelming.

Try to Stick to One Brand

It’s often a good idea to stick to one brand if you plan on mixing fragrances.  That’s because each company typically sticks within one type of fragrance family, and their formulas are relatively similar.  This means that there’s a lower chance of clashing fragrances. 

Try to Stick to Natural Fragrances

Lastly, if you can, stick to fragrances that are derived from natural sources.  Plant-based fragrances that come in the form of botanical extracts and essential oils smell much more natural and subtle than petroleum and alcohol-based synthetic fragrances.  Synthetic fragrances are a lot more intense, so mixing several of them can create an aroma that’s unpleasantly strong.  Meanwhile, natural fragrances tend to blend more easily together, which means that you’re more likely to smell great.

Having it Down to A Science, Sort Of

If you want to mix beard product scents, use this guide to ensure that you’re doing it the right way.  Or, simply stick to one beard fragrance that’s in several products.  The choice is yours.