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Just How Much Daily Maintenance Should You Spend on Your Beard?

Just How Much Daily Maintenance Should You Spend on Your Beard?

Most of our bearded customers know that they have to maintain a daily beard care routine if they want their facial hair to be in the best shape possible.  But, one thing that a lot of guys wonder is exactly what that daily beard care routine should consist of, and how much time it should take.

Now, what you do during your beard care routine matters a lot, because if you want to keep your facial hair as healthy and soft as can be, you have to follow each step properly.

The Ideal Daily Beard Care Routine

As you read through each step below, consider your own facial hair’s needs and qualities as you prepare to execute these steps.  For instance, longer, thicker hair will require more product, and will take longer to apply, which means that your beard care routine will take a longer period of time overall.

Step #1: Cleanser

Cleansing is a very important and often overlooked step.  You should cleanse your beard however frequently you wash the hair on your head.  Unclean facial hair won’t just look greasy and unsightly, but that buildup of grime will prevent the necessary moisturizing products from getting beneath the surface of the cuticle.  Spend a good minute working that cleanser into your beard, and another 30 seconds thoroughly rinsing it out.

Step #2: Beard Oil

Beard oil is an incredibly important step, as our facial hair needs lots of external moisture in order to be healthy.  You should massage your beard oil into your beard for a solid 60 seconds, as this will ensure that it’s evenly distributed throughout your facial hair. 

Step #3: Beard Balm

Beard balm is optional, but most guys find that they can’t live without it.  Beard balm simultaneously styles, moisturizes and de-frizzes your beard.  This is another product that should take about 60 seconds to work into the beard.

Step #4: Combing or Brushing

The last step is combing or brushing.  This will help you distribute the product evenly throughout the facial hair, while making sure that the beard looks nice and neat.  Take your time with this step, as rushing it can cause you to tug too hard on your beard which can lead to hair loss or follicle damage.  The length of time required depends on the length and thickness of your beard.

No Two Beard Care Routines are Identical

But there are some general guidelines to follow regarding what you should do to your facial hair each day, and how long you should spend doing it.  Use this guide to give you inspiration as you plan a more effective beard care routine based on your unique facial hair situation.  And, remember that the products at LA Roots can take your daily beard regimen to the next level with expertly crafted, all-natural formulas.