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Keeping Your Beard Trimming Scissors in Good Condition

Keeping Your Beard Trimming Scissors in Good Condition

We all put a lot of time, effort and money into caring for our beards by using the best-quality products, developing the most thorough routines and avoiding ingredients and environmental factors that can cause damage.  But, are you paying just as much attention to your grooming tools as you are to your facial hair?

It turns out that our beard trimming scissors need a lot of TLC, just like our beards.  Those scissors need to be in good shape if you want them to trim your beard precisely. 

The Importance of Properly Caring for Your Beard Trimming Scissors

So, how should you care for your beard trimming scissors?  Read this guide to find out.


Your beard trimming scissors need to be in good condition if you want them to do their job properly.  Not caring for them will cause the hinge to become stiff and will cause the blades to become dull.  Both of these things can interfere with your ability to properly trim and shape your beard, which means that you won’t have a beard that looks as good as it can.


Another thing to consider is money.  Do you really want to be going through a new pair of beard scissors every few months?  If you don’t take good care of them, you just might.

Tips for Keeping Those Scissors in Good Condition

Luckily, it’s very easy to take care of your beard trimming scissors.  These tips will ensure that they last for a long, long time.

Keep Away Moisture to Avoid Rust

Your beard trimming scissors are made of metal, which means they’re prone to rust.  This is why you have to make sure that they’re not exposed to too much moisture, or that they stay wet.  If you keep them in the bathroom, make sure they’re in a cabinet so that the humidity from the shower doesn’t cause rust to appear.  And, try to stop them from getting wet as much as possible.

Clean After Every Use – We Mean It

You must clean your beard trimming scissors after each trimming session.  Your facial hair produces oil that can cause buildup to appear on the scissor blades.  This build up can slowly ruin the material of the scissors, and can interfere with their sharpness.  So, after each trimming session, run them under warm water and use soap and your fingernails to dislodge any grime.

Use Your Scissors Only for Your Beard

Lastly, you should only use your beard trimming scissors for your beard.  We know it’s tempting to use those little scissors for other purposes, but that’s not what they’re made for.  Using them on other materials can cause them to become dull and damaged quickly.

Get Your Slice On

Those beard trimming scissors really need to be well taken care of if you want them to do their job for a long time to come.  This guide will ensure that you take the time to keep them in good shape.