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Kicking Off the 2019 NFL Bearded Season

Kicking Off the 2019 NFL Bearded Season

Finally, football season is upon us.  While many of us mourn the end of the summer season, we remember that we have something to look forward to as the next few months grow colder and the days grow shorter.  The 2019 NFL season has some pretty exceptional players, and many of those players have already become household names among football fans.

Just as the NFL has some great players this year, they also have some great beards.  As beard guys, we can’t help but have some facial hair envy as we look at the top players of the 2019 season.  Many of these guys have found ways to distinguish themselves from other players not just by their abilities but also by the ways in which they style their facial hair.

Are you looking to switch up your beard style now that fall is upon us?  If so, we think that these five NFL players can be sources of inspiration.  Each of them has a unique facial hair style that complements them perfectly.  So, look no further than these five superstars the next time you reach for those clippers.

#5: Jason Kelce (Philadelphia Eagles, Center)

Jason Kelce has a lot to do with the success of the Eagles over the last few years, and his playing abilities are nothing short of legendary.  For several seasons now, he’s wowed us with his skills on the field.  But he’s also wowed us with his beard as of late.  Not only is his beard impressively long and full, but it’s also extremely healthy-looking.  We can’t help but assume that he uses a lot of high-quality products to maintain that facial hair of his.

If you’re looking to pull of a similar style, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s not that hard at all.  It’s very important that you use a beard oil daily as long, thick facial hair is prone to extreme dryness.  And, remember that patience is key during the growing process.

#4: Mark Ingram (Baltimore Ravens, RB)

Ravens superstar Mark Ingram is one of the more recognizable players in the NFL, mainly because he’s extremely gifted on the field.  He’s also got a killer personality that adds to his charisma both on the field and off.  And, of course, he’s been rocking a really great beard lately that the ladies love and the guys envy. 

Ingram’s beard is pretty understated, and it doesn’t appear to be that difficult to maintain.  He’s allowed his beard to grow in fully without shaping it too much.  Yet, it appears to be very neat, and that’s because he’s kept it so short.  So, use clippers to keep that hair close to the face, and make sure to get your neckline so that things don’t look unkempt.

#3: Odell Beckham Jr. (Cleveland Browns, WR)

OBJ. isn’t afraid of the spotlight as his flamboyant personality can be seen from a mile away whether he’s in the middle of a game or at a special event.  This is a man who loves to express himself in every sense of the word, and that’s clear when we look at his impeccable fashion choices and platinum-tipped hair that he wears with pride.  And, his beard also adds to his extremely cool and sophisticated look.

Odell’s beard is pretty unique in terms of its shape, and we want to warn you that this will only really look good on a man with a clearly defined jaw.  That’s because all of the attention is drawn to the jaw area due to how thick and full the beard is on that portion of the face.  So, maintain a nice, neat shape, and let the jaw and chin be nice and full.

#2: Ryan Fitzpatrick (Miami Dolphins QB)

Dolphins player Ryan Fitzpatrick is a highly celebrated member of the team, and he’s been a powerful asset to the NFL for quite some time.  Fitzpatrick’s beard has also been a source of inspiration for many football fans whether they’re rooting for the Dolphins or not.  He’s got a lumberjack style which is down to earth and easy to pull off, which is why so many guys are rocking similar beard styles with pride.  He’s also clearly got a heart of gold which only adds to his popular persona.

To wear a beard like Ryan Fitzpatrick’s, the most important thing is to let it grow.  This beard will take a few months to grow in, and it’s up to you to have the patience to let it do its thing.  During the growing process, we suggest using a beard oil each day so that those ends stay healthy rather than damaged.  And, trim it slightly once each month to get rid of split ends.

#1: Eric Weddle (LA Rams Safety)

Eric Weddle has a seriously enviable beard as well as an enviable career.  One thing that makes us all so jealous of his beard is the fact that it has a lot to do with genetics.  His hair is naturally very thick and full, which is why it looks so luxurious on him.  His beard isn’t extremely long, but the fullness and thickness of it make it appear to be longer than it really is.

Want to grow a beard like Weddle’s?  if your hair is also thick and coarse, allow it to grow for a couple of months before shaping it impeccably each week.  Don’t forget to stay on top of those trimming sessions.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Many of us are sad to see summer go, but at least we can spend Sundays on the couch with our buddies rooting for our favorite teams.  As you watch the season this year, pay close attention to the amazing beards that are on some of our favorite players.  And, if you feel like it, use one of the bearded players listed above as a source of inspiration for the next time you feel like changing up the appearance of your beard.  After all, if it’s good enough for a top NFL superstar, it’s probably good enough for you.