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Locking in Moisture is Key for Beard Growth and Healthiness

Locking in Moisture is Key for Beard Growth and Healthiness

If there’s one thing that every man’s beard needs a lot of, it’s moisture.  Moisture is what can make the difference between a healthy, fast-growing and soft beard, and a beard that’s limp, dry and damaged.  Considering how important moisture is to the health of a guy’s facial hair, it’s pretty clear that finding ways to lock in moisture should be a top priority.

So, how can a man use moisturizing products to the best of his advantage?  And, are there factors that can actually take away moisture? But first…

Why is Moisture So Important to the Health of a Man’s Beard?

Moisture is something that our bodies need in order to be healthy.  When we’re dehydrated and depleted of moisture, crucial bodily systems can shut down, and we will look extremely unwell.  Just like the rest of our bodies, our hair needs a good deal of moisture in order to maintain good health. Without the proper moisture levels, our beards can stop growing, while becoming damaged, dry and dull.  Even worse, a true deficiency in moisture can cause our facial hair to fall out.

Moisture doesn’t just come from the hair follicles, either.  Our skin, like our follicles, produce an oil known as sebum, and the purpose of sebum is to moisturize our skin and hair while creating what’s known as a moisture barrier, which is a barrier that locks in moisture so that it can’t escape.  The thing about sebum production, however, is that it’s largely dependent on having a healthy balance of hormones, maintaining a good diet and refraining from habits that can strip it away.

What Can Strip Away Moisture?

Our skin and beards need a lot of moisture to function properly, but for many of us, it seems like the odds are stacked against us when it comes to retaining proper moisture levels.  This is because a lot of different things can strip moisture away from our skin and facial hair. Dry air, which is especially severe during the cold winter months, literally dries out our skin and hair, sucking out moisture.  The same goes for hot water and strong winds. Additionally, a lot of commercial products contain sulfates and other harsh ingredients that literally strip away moisture.

Additionally, some of us are naturally prone to dryness, whether it be caused by genetics, hormones or dietary factors.

What Can Add More Moisture?

The good news is that there are easy ways to add more moisture to our skin and hair, and lock it in so that it can’t escape.  Besides maintaining good health and avoiding dry air as much as possible, we can use naturally formulated products that are capable of giving us lots of moisture while sealing it in. 

LA Roots Moisture-Boosting Products

At LA Roots, we have formulated beard care products that provide and lock in moisture, both for your skin and your facial hair.  Products like our essence and beard oil use plant-based moisturizers to boost those hydration levels without stripping anything away.  And, we use plant butters to seal in the moisture for long-term results.

Improve Those Moisture Levels on a Dramatic Level

As you can see, moisture is essential if you want to have a healthy beard that grows at a good rate.  Without moisture, facial hair cannot survive, quite plainly. Luckily, it’s easy to ensure that your beard receives and maintains the moisture that it needs to look and feel its very best.