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Looking Bearded Sharp!

Looking Bearded Sharp!

There’s something about a bearded man in a well-tailored suit that makes him the envy of every other man in his presence.  Beards exude an air of confidence, as do high-quality suits.  Put those two things together and you have a man with serious presence.

If you’re rocking a beard, you might want to consider investing in at least one suit.  This way, the next time you have an event to go to, you’ll be prepared.

The thing is that not every suit works with every beard style.  As you’ll find out, different facial hair styles complement different types of suits.  Luckily for you, we’re here to help simplify things with this guide.

Suits and Beards: A Timeless and Irresistible Look

Yes, suits and beards go very well together in terms of personal style.  But, it all comes down to choosing the right suit for your unique beard. 

How to Choose the Right Suit for Your Beard


First, you must take color into consideration.  While black is always a safe choice, you might want to try experimenting with color.  And, your beard makes a pretty big statement, so the color of your beard must work with the color of your suit.  For example, if you have a red beard, you want to avoid clashing suit colors like red, green and yellow.  If you have a light beard, you want to avoid extremely light colors like beige and ivory.  And, if you have a dark-colored beard, you can pretty much get away with any suit color that you’d like.


Next, we need to get into the material.  Again, a wool suit is universally flattering regardless of how your beard looks.  But, certain beard styles allow for more unique materials.  For example, if you have a long, curly beard, you might want to go for a 70s look with a velvet suit or a suit that has satin trim. If you’re rocking a 20s look, a linen suit can pull your style together amazingly.


The silhouette of your beard and the silhouette of your suit need to be in harmony.  A super long, full beard won’t look great with a baggy suit, for instance, because you need balance.  Try on several different suit fits before figuring out which one looks best with your beard.  You may be surprised by what works and what doesn’t.

Things to Keep in Mind

Confidence is Crucial

Remember that even if you have an enviable beard and the most expensive suit in the store, you won’t look good unless you feel confident.  Confidence is that intangible something that makes men irresistible.  Wearing a beard and a suit can help give you that boost, but it’s up to you to dig deep within yourself to find that self-security that you need to really complete the look.

Depending on the Event, You May Want to Debut a New Beard Look

If you have to buy a new suit for an upcoming event, consider changing your beard style so that you can debut it in front of a large number of people at once.  For instance, if you’re buying a suit because you’re the best man in your friend’s wedding, this may be a great time to change up your look.  Beards always grow back, so don’t be afraid to alter your facial hair style to better match the occasion.  Similarly, you may decide that you wish to grow out your beard for an upcoming event.  If that’s the case, wait to buy your suit until your beard is on the longer side.

Quality is Absolutely Essential

Another important thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to suits, quality is very important.  A cheap-looking suit is very easy to spot, especially if you’re in a room full of men wearing designer suits.  Even if your suit looks great on the surface level, if the quality isn’t up to par, something about your look will be clearly lacking.  A suit is an investment, and the idea is that it should last you a lifetime.

Dress to Impress and For Bearded Success

Use this guide to find the perfect suit to match your beard style.  As you know, there are a lot of different types of suits out there, and your beard has a lot to do with which one is right for you.