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Not All Beard Oils “Moisturize” in the Same Way

Not All Beard Oils “Moisturize” in the Same Way

If there’s one thing that most guys figure out early on in their beard-growing stage, it’s that moisture is critical when it comes to maintaining facial hair that looks and feels as good as possible.  Due to the nature of facial hair, it tends to be drier than the hair on our heads, which is why we have to put effort into moisturizing it on a daily basis.  The best way to do this is by using a beard oil each day. 

However, some beard oils are more moisturizing than others.  And, needless to say, a guy wants to ensure that he’s maximizing his beard care routine with the most moisturizing beard oil possible.

Not All Beard Oils are Created Equally

Beard oil refers to any oil-based product that is intended to moisturize your beard each day.  It can contain any variety of ingredients, which is why it’s important to look at the list of ingredients before making a purchase.  See, ideally, a beard oil will contain a variety of natural moisturizing ingredients that are derived from plants.  Ingredients like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and so on are excellent because they are capable of getting beneath the outer protective layer of the facial hair, known as the cuticle, providing moisture deep within each strand.  Additionally, they contain nutrients that can also help your facial hair be more capable of absorbing moisture.

Ingredients that you should avoid are synthetic chemicals that are considered filler ingredients.  Filler ingredients exist to fill out a formula without adding any real benefits to the product.  Ingredients to look out for include petroleum-based fragrances, sulfates that actually dry out the facial hair and silicones, which are slippery ingredients that only coat the top layer of the hair without actually providing any benefits beyond the cuticle.

LA Roots Stands Out Amongst the Rest

We’re proud of our all-natural beard oil formulas that are specially designed to provide moisture from the inside-out while boosting the health of the beard with loads of plant-based nutrients.  Our beard oils are as moisturizing as they come, simply put. 

Today, the Beard Oil Market Offers Many Options for Bearded Men

While this may seem like a good thing, the unfortunate truth is that a lot of beard oils that you can buy do not have what it takes to give your facial hair the moisture that it needs in order to be truly healthy.  Luckily, the beard oils at LA Roots are formulated with the most hydrating plant-based ingredients on the planet, ensuring that your beard will receive exactly what it needs to look and feel its very best.