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Over Grown Beard Growth Oil – Take Back Control of Your Beard’s Look!

Over Grown Beard Growth Oil – Take Back Control of Your Beard’s Look!

If there’s one complaint that we hear a lot from our bearded buddies, it’s that they just can’t seem to get the growth that they want.  Either they’re dealing with patchiness, sluggish growing patterns or facial hair that seems to get thinner and thinner by the month.  Needless to say, these fairly common issues can be extremely frustrating to any man who is trying to grow out a gorgeous, luscious, thick and long beard.

The good news is that men don’t have to settle for growth-related issues when it comes to their facial hair.  We at LA Roots have launched a product that’s aimed at any guy who wants his beard to grow faster, more evenly and thicker.  Our Over Grown Beard Growth Oil lets you take back control of your beard so that you can be in charge of how it grows.

What Makes Our Over Grown Beard Growth Oil So Unique

Lots of beard growth products that are on the market today make ludicrous claims with very little research to back them up.  The beard industry is growing and growing, so it’s not surprising that lots of companies are trying to get their piece of the pie by launching products aimed at guys struggling to grow long and full beards.  However, if you check the ingredients in many of these products, you’ll find that they’re lacking in many ways.

The Over Growth Beard Growth Oil at LA Roots, on the other hand, was formulated by chemists who understand the science behind beard growth.  That’s why our oil is so unique.  It contains vitamins and minerals that have been proven to benefit the facial hair and stimulate the follicles.

Taking Back Your Beard at Last

So, how can our Over Grown Beard Growth Oil help you?  Allow us to list the ways.

Improved Growth

If you’re tired of feeling like your beard is taking ages to grow out while other guys have full and long beards within a matter of a couple of months, this oil is for you.  The vitamins and minerals that are found in the formula supercharge growth by naturally energizing the follicles that are responsible for hair production.

The Thickness You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Is the thickness of your beard leaving a lot to be desired?  A long beard only looks its best when the hair is thick enough to give the facial hair a look of fullness.  The good news is that our Over Grown Beard Growth Oil naturally thickens those strands at their roots, literally.  All of those plant-based nutrients join forces to make hair thicker, stronger and healthier overall.

A More Even Look

Some guys find that some areas of their face see faster growth than others.  This is due to dormant follicles.  This oil contains minerals that wake up those dormant follicles so that you can say goodbye to patchiness finally.

Taking Bearded Control!

Our Over Grown Beard Growth Oil gives you maximum control over your beard when it comes to its length, thickness and evenness, putting you back into the driver’s seat once and for all.  This scientifically formulated oil is easy to use and loaded with plant-based ingredients that have been proven to improve every aspect of the growing process.