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Pros and Cons of Using Either a Brush or Comb for Your Beard

Pros and Cons of Using Either a Brush or Comb for Your Beard

Ah, the great beard comb vs. beard brush debate.  A lot of guys swear by one of these two essential grooming tools as part of their daily routine.  But, is one actually better than the other?

As you’ll see, a brush and comb can keep your beard tidy and free of tangles, but each one has its own advantages and disadvantages as well.  Let’s weigh the pros and cons of them so that you can get a better idea of which grooming item is right for your beard.

Beard Brush

First up, let’s talk about beard brushes. 


#1: Great for Distributing Moisture

One frequently overlooked function of a brush is that it can distribute moisture evenly throughout your beard, while combs are not nearly as effective.  Due to the nature of the bristles, it can take the natural oils secreted by the follicles and spread them all the way down to the ends.

#2: Gentler on Your Beard

Beard brushes are less aggressive by nature.  Rather than tugging on those tangles, they gently break them up because the bristles aren’t rigid like the teeth of a comb.


#1: Can Cause Frizz in Certain Facial Hair Types

Beard brushes can make the beard frizzy if you’ve got particularly coarse facial hair that’s already prone to frizz.  This is due to the friction of the bristles against the facial hair.

#2: Not as Great at Removing Very Tight Tangles

Brushes aren’t as capable as combs at removing more difficult knots in the beard.

Beard Comb

Now, we can talk about the pros and cons of beard combs.


#1: Excellent at Removing Difficult Knots

Beard combs are great at removing those annoying knots because of the static nature of the teeth. 

#2: Easy to Travel with

Beard combs are more travel-friendly than beard brushes.  They’re easier to stick in your pocket as you go about your day.  And, there are more travel-friendly beard combs than there are travel-friendly beard brushes.


#1: Can Be Too Rough on Your Beard if You’re Not Careful

This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage of using a comb in general, but a disadvantage of using it improperly.  We’ve seen some guys use their combs to aggressively tug on their beards in an effort to pull tangles out.  However, this can lead to facial hair loss, and can even damage the follicles.  When using a beard comb, you want to use just enough effort to gently break through knots rather than pulling on them.

Both Can Still Be Quite Useful in Different Ways

As a matter of fact, more guys are finding that they benefit from having both in their beard care stash.  Based on the pros and cons of each, you can decide whether you prefer one over the other, or if you’d like to incorporate both into your routine.