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Quick Guide to Combing Your Beard Properly

Quick Guide to Combing Your Beard Properly

Your face is your identity. We all look at people’s faces to determine if they’re friendly or not.  Many places also require you to give a photo of your face for identification purposes.  Your beard being part of your face should, therefore, be taken good care of. Why?  Because you don’t want people wondering if you just came out of the cave.

Before you even think of a nice beard, you need to ponder which style to trim your beard so that it compliments your face.  A good beard style on the wrong face will still not give you that great look.  You should also understand when to trim it as it grows to maintain its shape.

Time to Comb It Right

Combing your beard the right way is an art you should embrace to achieve that perfect look.

  • To start with, choose a proper comb for your hair depending on its texture and density. Small space between the teeth of your comb is good for a small beard with soft hair while a bigger space is good for a longer and denser beard type.
  • Use a quality comb for your hair and not a cheap plastic comb that will generate static as you use it and leave stray hair.
  • Take time to comb your beard. Doing it hurriedly can be painful especially if you meet any knots. It can as well break your hair.
  • Start combing with wider teeth then proceed to the smaller teeth. The wider teeth help in separating the hair smoothly before the smaller ones can give it a finer touch.
  • Comb from top to bottom then out to the center. This way you can train your beard in which direction you want it to grow in.
  • Finally, apply beard oil and balm to help hold your bearded style without looking like something is holding it. Also adds weight to your beard.

Keep Your Beard Looking Good

When combing your beard, taking the right steps are key.  Making sure not to overdo it and having the right comb in general are the main keys here.  One other note, if you just got done eating and there is food in your beard, it’s best to first wipe the food off the beard with a napkin or towel; if at home you can quickly rinse your face off, then you can comb your beard.