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Scruffy vs. Stubbly Beards

Scruffy vs. Stubbly Beards

If you’re the type of guy who likes to look like he doesn’t pay too much attention to his appearance, chances are that you either have a scruffy beard or a stubbly beard.  While the two terms are often used interchangeably, the reality is that they’re very different styles of facial hair that share relatively little in common. However, both a scruffy beard and a stubbly beard remain extremely popular as trends come and go, which is why they’re both great options for a guy who is looking to change up his style.

Today, we’ll be comparing the two beard styles while also discussing what goes into maintaining them.  This will help you decide which one is best for you if you’re looking to try out a new way to wear your facial hair.

Scruffy Beards

Scruffy beards are relatively short beards that don’t look too neat or groomed.  They’re supposed to look like the hair just grew like that, and that they’re not routinely maintained.  They can be a bit patchy and messy, as this adds to the careless vibe that a guy is going for. It’s a rugged look that has a very masculine appeal.

How to Maintain a Scruffy Beard

Once your scruffy beard has reached the desired length, you’ll want to trim it about once every few weeks to ensure that its length is properly maintained.  You may need to shape it if it’s very uneven, but remember that neat and tidy is not what we are going for. 

Just because a scruffy beard is meant to look a bit unkempt doesn’t mean it should be unhealthy.  You’ll want to invest in some quality beard care products to keep those hairs soft and free from damage and frizz.  A beard oil is a must as it provides moisture that keeps the hair smooth and tame. And, a beard balm can help you style it in a way that enhances the ruggedness you’re trying to achieve.

Stubbly Beards

Stubbly beards are shorter than scruffy beards, but the overall vibe is the same.  Basically, a stubbly beard is maintained to always look like a guy just forgot to shave for a week or two.  This, again, allows for a care-free, rugged look that’s as unfussy as they come.

How to Maintain a Stubbly Beard

A stubbly beard takes a bit more finesse only because a few wrong moves can lead to a bare face since the hair is so short to begin with.  Use your buzzer to keep the hair short once it begins to grow. And, you’ll want to ensure that those hairs are healthy. Just because they’re short doesn’t mean that they don’t need attention.  So, use a beard oil each day to keep the follicles moisturized. Also, you may want to boost your skincare game so that the skin looks healthy beneath the facial hair.

LA Roots Beard Care Products: Great for Scruffy and Stubbly Beards Alike

At LA Roots, we’ve got products that are perfectly suited for both scruffy and stubbly beards.  Our Two-Step Hydrating Beard System keeps those facial hairs soft and healthy, whether you’re growing out your beard or keeping it super short.  And, our Over Grown Beard Growth Serum can help even out facial hair growth while helping it grow more quickly.

Keep That Beard Style Perfect

Whether you’re interested in rocking a scruffy beard or a stubbly beard, LA Roots can help.  We’ve got the expertly formulated products that can help your beard maintain that carefree look while being as healthy as can be.