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Should You Shave or Let it Grow?

Should You Shave or Let it Grow?

Most guys find that during a certain point of the growing-out process, they start to feel conflicted.  Growing out one’s beard can be a long and tedious process, especially if you have a particular goal in mind.  And, along the way, hiccups can occur that make a man feel like it’s time to consider shaving it all off.

The truth is that sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances regarding one’s hair growth, it is a good idea to shave it off, whether it be to go back to the clean-shaven look or to start the growing process over again.  Today, we’ll be talking about when your facial hair is telling you that it’s time for a shave versus when you need to simply push through and soldier on with the growing process.

Shave It If…

…It’s Still Growing in Patchy

Some guys struggle with patchiness long after the growing process first began.  This can be due to a number of factors, including skin conditions, hormonal imbalances and poor diet.  If, after a few months, your beard is still patchy despite having gained a considerable length, you might want to consider shaving it.  In this case, it can be possible to start over if you diagnose and treat the underlying issue.

…It’s Already Damaged

If you didn’t take such good care of your beard during the early growing stages, by the time you get some decent length, you’ll likely have damaged-looking facial hair.  The hair can look dry, brittle, dull and broken. If your beard is showing early signs of damage, we suggest that you shave it and start over, sticking to a solid daily beard care routine this time around.

…You Can’t Commit to a Daily Beard Care Routine

Beards need a lot of TLC.  Our facial hair is naturally prone to damage and dryness due to its unique texture.  If you’ve been growing your beard for a while and you aren’t able to commit to taking care of it each day, we recommend shaving it.

Let It Grow If…

…The Length is Growing Unevenly

Some guys find that during the growing process, one side of their beard grows at a faster rate than the other.  This leads to a look of unevenness if the guy isn’t on top of trimming it so that both sides are symmetrical. However, for almost every man dealing with this issue, it’s temporary.  So, in this case, let it grow.

…There’s a Particular Style You’re Going for

If you’re trying to achieve a particular facial hair style that will enhance your overall look, let it grow.  Your patience will eventually be rewarded, we promise.

…The Ends are Splitting

Some guys notice that after a couple of months, their ends start looking a bit unhealthy.  As hair ages, it’s natural for the ends to split. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to shave it off entirely.  Simply trim those ends once every month or two, depending on how quickly your facial hair grows.

…It Complements Your Face

If you find that your face just looks better with a beard, then by all means, let it grow.  Even if your beard is imperfect, having facial hair complements your look, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

End the Bearded Struggle Today

We men are all familiar with the struggle of not knowing whether to shave our beard or let it keep growing.  As you can see, there are plenty of factors to consider before making this decision. This guide will make it easy for you to know which direction to go in regarding your beard.