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Softer Beard = A Healthier Beard

Softer Beard = A Healthier Beard

How soft is your beard?  The relationship between a soft beard and a healthy beard can’t be stated enough.  An unhealthy beard that’s lacking in hydration and nutrients is going to be dry, brittle, dull and damaged.  Beard require loads of moisture in order to be properly nourished so that they can remain healthy.

How to Maintain a Super Soft and Healthy Beard

By taking these steps to make your beard as soft as possible, you’ll be ensuring that it’s as healthy as can be for a long time to come.

Step/Tip #1: Daily Beard Oil

Beard oil should be applied daily, period.  The hair on your face is much more naturally dry than the hair on your head, and so you need to supplement it with moisture on a daily basis.  If your beard is extremely damaged or naturally drier than most, consider using beard oil twice each day.

Step/Tip #2: Daily Beard Balm

Many guys think that beard balm is simply for styling their facial hair, but that’s only half true.  Beard balm adds a secondary layer of moisture thanks to a combination of plant butters and oils.  This can add further hydration to your beard while sealing in the moisture that’s already within each strand.

Step/Tip #3: Wash as Needed

Beards need to be cleansed regularly as they can accumulate dirt and oil.  In fact, failing to wash your beard regularly can interfere with the absorption of the moisturizing products listed above.

Step/Tip #4: Let Your Beard Air-Dry

When most guys get out of the shower, they use their bath towel to aggressively dry their facial hair.  Other guys use a hairdryer because they’re in a hurry to get to work, and need their beard to be perfectly dry.  Both of these things can actually dry out your beard by depleting it of moisture.  Instead, if you can, let your beard air-dry.  If you must, use a cotton t-shirt to gently squeeze out excess moisture.

Step/Tip #5: Avoid Excessively Dry Air

Many of us don’t realize how dry the air in our home actually is.  The large majority of us have either an air conditioner or heating system running at all times of the day, and that means that dry air is being blown into your house at all times.  Even worse, some guys sleep directly beneath or next to an air vent, which means that dry air is blowing on their beards while they are sleeping.  This can seriously rob your beard of moisture.  The solution?  Invest in a couple of humidifiers and place them strategically throughout your home to increase your house’s humidity level.

Real Beard Softness Awaits!

If you wanna have the softest and healthiest beard imaginable, follow the steps above carefully.  And, if you’re looking for the ultimate beard oil product to soften your beard with natural ingredients, look no further than the options that are available at LA Roots.  We formulate our beard oils to nourish your facial hair with a combination of plant-based moisturizes and nutrients.