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The Upsides of Trimming Your Beard

The Upsides of Trimming Your Beard

Beard trimming. While sometimes it can be a complicated task, it’s absolutely essential to ensure you keep your beard looking and feeling healthy.  Many men shy away from trimming their beards, strictly because they're scared of possibly messing it up.  However, learning to trim your beard is necessary, and can actually help to improve your facial hair overall. 

Understanding How to Trim Your Beard

While everyone has their own techniques, there are a few universal pointers you can use to make sure you get that perfect trim.

Step #1: Comb It Out

Make sure the hair is all going in one direction, this will allow you to be more precise and even when trimming.

Step #2: Break out the Clippers

Trim your beard evenly or choose to fade the neck and cheeks if you're growing out your beard.

Step #3: Scissors Time

Trimming your mustache with the clippers would be too difficult, so get some scissors to make the job easier.  Simply snip away outlying hairs to ensure your mustache is trimmed and proper.

Step #4: Neckline

This is where it gets tricky, and most men either fail, or choose to skip out on.  What you're going to want to do is put two fingers above your Adam’s apple.  Then draw an imaginary line from behind both your ears to this point, forming a "U" shape. Then, shave below that line.

Step #5: Shaving the Neckline Just Right

This is easily the most difficult step, because shaving your neckline too high or low can potentially ruin the beard.  Practice makes perfect with this sort of thing; so, don't be afraid to mess up. 

Potential Trimming of the Beard Health Benefits

So what health benefits does a neatly trimmed beard have?  Well, trimming your beard offers many upsides, including:

  • Making your beard look fuller. Many men suffer from a patchy beard but allowing some growth and trimming it the right way can make even some of the patchiest of beards look doable.
  • Changing your facial structure. From helping enhance a not so sculpted jawline, to allowing a more rounded face to have a defined chin.
  • Healthier looking hair. Let's face it, a perfectly trimmed and cared for beard looks a thousand times better than an out-of-control neck beard.  Trimming and maintaining your facial hair will only help it to look like a fuller, more natural healthier beard.

Trimming Your Beard is Not Really an Option, It's More of a Must

Beard trimming is a significant tool in making sure you grow your beard to its full potential. It allows you to show a creative side of yourself, all while giving options to accent features of your face you like, and of course, hide what you don't.