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Today’s Top 10 Bearded Male Celebs

Today’s Top 10 Bearded Male Celebs

The 2010s have been the decade of the beard, with men exploring a wide range of facial hair styles like never before.  We’ve seen short and long beards, thick and thin beards and everything in-between over the last few years. And, with so many of our favorite celebrities rocking glorious beards today, it’s safe to say that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

These A-listers below rock an exceptional beard from which you can draw some inspiration when growing out your own facial hair.  So, let’s dive into how you can pull off each bearded look with an assist from LA Roots.

#10: John Hamm

Jon Hamm has been rocking a beard pretty much since his Mad Men days ended a handful of years ago.  Over the years, his beard has gotten thicker and fuller, and we’re absolutely here for it. 

One thing that makes Jon’s beard spectacular is the evenness of it.  If you’re struggling with uneven growth, we suggest our Over Grown Beard Growth Oil that’s scientifically formulated to allow for thick and even growth.

#9: Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson has proven that a shaved head and a long beard do, in fact, go well together.  For years, he’s been rocking this signature look, and as he ages, it only gets better and better.  We also love seeing that full amount of gray.

The key to maintaining a beard of Samuel’s length is keeping it healthy with a moisturizing beard care product daily.  We recommend our beard oil that’s made with plant-based nutrients for maximum hydration and moisture.

#8: Jake Gyllenhaal

Once Jake Gyllenhaal started taking on more serious, mature roles, he let his beard grow out, and we have to say that this style really suits him.  Gyllenhaal pairs his full but short beard with slicked back hair, giving him a wiser and older appearance that suits the roles he’s been taking lately.

One thing that stands out about Jake’s beard is that it looks super soft and moisturized.  No doubt, he’s using a beard oil like the one that we offer at LA Roots. Using a beard oil daily is the key to maintaining healthy-looking facial hair.

#7: Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper’s beard has that scruffy look that lets him maintain a rugged appearance, and we definitely approve of this very masculine look.  The scruffy beard requires more maintenance than one may think, but that shouldn’t discourage you since we at LA Roots make it easy to pull off this effortless chic look.

All that you need to do is let it grow to a relatively medium length before using some beard oil daily to both hydrate it and style it in a way that looks neat, but not too neat. 

#6: Justin Timberlake

Now that Justin Timberlake is a bit older, he’s been able to ditch the pop superstar persona and enjoy a more mature, refined look.  His neat, short beard has helped him overcome his baby face and look older and wiser.

JT’s style is very easy to replicate, since it doesn’t require too much length or styling.  First, let it grow in evenly. Then, use our Two-Step Hydrating Beard Care System to keep things nice and healthy and soft.

#5: David Beckham

David Beckham has been rocking a beard for some time now, and we think that he’s the type of guy who always looks better with some facial hair.  Nowadays, he wears his beard a bit longer, and those ends always look super healthy and smooth. 

If you want a beard like Beckham’s, allow it to grow to its desired length with some help from our beard growth oil.  Then, use our beard oil to keep the ends healthy and free from damage.

#4: Drake

Drake’s sculpted and shaped beard is a thing of beauty, and we are sorry to tell you but this look is probably best done by a barber rather than your own two hands.  If you want this look, one thing you need to know is that beard oil is your friend. The more moisturized your beard, the more shaped and defined it will be.

#3: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s facial hair situation has transformed quite a bit over recent years, with his current look being a happy medium between his lumberjack phase and his clean-shaven style when he first broke out as a star. 

Pitt’s beard is medium in length and gloriously thick.  Pulling off this look requires both our beard growth oil and our moisturizing beard oil on a daily basis.

#2: Idris Elba

Look – a lot of us are jealous of Idris Elba.  He gets fantastic roles, he’s got a super cool persona and the ladies absolutely love him.  Another reason to be jealous of him is because of his flawless beard. Idris keeps things short, neat and tidy, and he isn’t afraid to let that gray poke through.

One thing about Idris’ beard is that it’s extremely full despite how short it is.  This has a lot to do with thickness of his beard. If you want to improve the fullness and thickness of your beard, our growth oil is the way to go.

#1: George Clooney

If there’s one beard that we all envy, it’s George Clooney’s.  Somehow, his long, relatively bushy and completely gray beard only makes him look more dashing.  A beard like this helps a man look more wise, scholarly and intriguing, so if that’s what you’re going for, try it out yourself.

To maintain a beard like this, you’ll need to use moisturizing products on it daily.  That’s where our Two Step Hydrating Beard Care System comes in. You might also want to use our growth oil if your facial hair isn’t growing quickly enough or isn’t as thick as you’d like it to be. 

Each Celebrity Beard is Magnificent in Its Own Unique Way

Luckily, every single one is easy to pull off if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.  And, the beard care products from LA Roots make it easier than ever before to rock the glorious beard of your dreams, just like your favorite celeb.