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Washing Your Beard at the Right Temperature

Washing Your Beard at the Right Temperature

How often do you wash your beard?  Once a week?  Every other day?  As you know, every man’s beard has different needs, which means that how often you wash your beard and what products you use depend on your hair type, texture and length.

But, there’s one rule when it comes to washing your beard that applies to all men, and that’s the temperature at which you wash your beard.  As you’ll soon find out, the temperature of the water that you use, whether you’re in the shower or using the sink, can make or break the overall health of both your facial hair and your skin.

Why the Temperature at Which You Wash Your Beard is So Important

Both our skin and our facial hair are more delicate than we’d like to believe.  After all, both our skin and hair can become quite damaged by a variety of everyday factors like outdoor temperature, diet and even stress.  So, it’s not surprising, therefore, that the temperatures at which you expose your beard and face can largely determine their overall health and appearance.

Washing Your Beard with Hot Water

First, you have to know that you should never, ever wash your beard with hot water.  When we say hot water, we’re referring to water that produces steam.  Hot water is extremely harsh and can scald your skin and beard, causing irritation and dryness.  Heat robs hair and skin of moisture, and so washing your beard with hot water can leave you with dry, frizzy and frazzled facial hair and skin that’s extremely dehydrated.  This can even lead to your hair falling out eventually.

Washing Your Beard with Cold Water

Washing your beard with cold water isn’t as dangerous as washing it with cold water, but it’s still something that you want to avoid.  When you wash your beard, you need your skin’s pores and hair follicles to be nice and open so that the cleansing product can get deep beneath the surface and dislodge any dirt and oil that’s hiding.  Cold water shocks your skin and hair follicles, causing them to close up.  This means that washing your beard with cold water only cleanses at the surface level, while the majority of dirt and grime are lurking beneath.

Lukewarm Water: Your Beard’s Sweet Spot

Lukewarm water is clearly the best option when it comes to washing your beard.  Lukewarm water won’t burn your hair and skin, but it will still keep those pores and follicles nice and open. 

Lukewarm water is extremely gentle on your skin as well as your facial hair, so whether you’re taking a shower or using a sink, make sure that you take the time to get the water to that temperature.  If you have a dual-faucet system, turn them both on and keep checking the water with your hand until it’s just right.

Just Right…

As you can see, the temperature at which you wash your beard is actually extremely important.  Both hot water and cold water can do more harm than good, which is why lukewarm water is the absolute sweet spot.  From now on, pay more attention to the temperature of the water while you wash your facial hair.  And, don’t be surprised if you notice that your beard looks and feels healthier than ever before as a result.