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Ways in Which Having a Beard Can Benefit You from a Dermatological Standpoint

Ways in Which Having a Beard Can Benefit You from a Dermatological Standpoint

Are you a bearded guy who has been paying extra attention to the health of their skin lately?  It seems like men’s skincare is becoming a more and more popular industry, especially among men who wear a beard and want to ensure that the skin underneath their facial hair is in good health.  After all, unhealthy skin can lead to irritation, itchiness, dryness, acne, ingrown hairs and all other kinds of unpleasant problems.

Luckily, it seems as though having a beard can actually improve your skin from a dermatological perspective.  We’ll be explaining the ways in which your facial hair is actually aiding your skincare game.  And, we’ll give you some tips to make sure that you keep that skin as healthy as can be.

Reduced Risk of Breakouts

If you’re prone to unsightly pimples from time to time, you’ll be glad to learn that having a beard can actually help combat those breakouts.  See, having half of your face covered in a layer of hair acts as a sort of barrier between your skin and the bacteria that can enter your pores and lead to acne.  It can also prevent you from transferring the dirt and oil on your hands to your skin.

Improved Moisture Levels

Any dermatologist will tell you that dry, dehydrated skin can lead to a host of problems including acne, irritation and even ingrown hairs.  That’s because skin that’s dehydrated becomes extremely damaged and, in some cases, overproduces its natural oils in order to compensate for the lack of moisture.  Well, as it turns out, your beard can actually help your face retain moisture.  That’s because a beard acts as a chamber that feeds the condensation from your sweat back into your face, ensuring that your complexion never loses too much of its moisture.

Lower Risk of Sun Damage…Usually

Certain types of beards can even protect your skin from sun damage, believe it or not.  If your beard is particularly thick and full, it can block the UV rays of the sun from penetrating the skin.  That’s because it essentially blankets that portion of your face.  Therefore, men with these types of beards don’t need to wear sunscreen on that area of their face.

However, if you have a fine, thin, short or patchy beard, you will want to use sunscreen regardless.  That’s because these beard types are not full enough to block the sunlight.

How to Improve Your Dermatological Health While Rocking a Beard

Now that you understand the ways in which having a beard can benefit your skin, it’s time to discuss some practices that will ensure that your skin is in perfect health while you wear that facial hair.

Be Careful when Choosing Your Products

We strongly recommend avoiding harsh beard care products that contain aggressive, questionable and synthetic chemicals.  These products can strip your beard and skin of moisture, leaving both far more prone to damage that can lead to a variety of dermatological issues.  Instead, stick to natural, plant-based products that are rich in nutrients.

Keep Your Skin Clean, Exfoliated and Hydrated

Your skin needs a lot more love than you may realize.  While you’re wearing a beard, make sure that you follow a good skincare routine.  Each day, cleanse the skin beneath your beard with a facial cleanser that’s made for men who have facial hair.  We also suggest exfoliating once or twice a week to gently scrub away dead skin cells that can clog your pores.  Lastly, never forget to moisturize.  We suggest using a natural beard oil once each day for the best results.

Where Sunscreen if Needed

Like we said earlier, some men need to wear sunscreen if their beards don’t cover enough of their face.  Otherwise, they put themselves at risk of developing skin cancer, which has the ability to become deadly if left untreated.

Having a beard can, indeed, improve the health of your complexion…

Still, it’s important that you take good care of your skin and facial hair in order to avoid dermatological problems down the road.  This guide will ensure that your skin benefits the most from rocking a beard.