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What Causes Itchy Beard?

What Causes Itchy Beard?

There’s something uniquely aggravating about chronic beard itch. We go to great lengths in order to grow a full, healthy and glorious beard, only to discover that on a daily basis, we just can’t stop scratching the skin beneath. The truth is that an itchy beard is a very common complaint among guys who have grown out their facial hair. Part of the reason why it’s so common is because there are so many factors that can contribute to it.

Common Beard Itching Causes

Today, we’ll be talking about the most common causes of beard itch. Knowing which cause is responsible for your particular situation will help you figure out how to treat it accordingly.

Dry Skin

Many of us have dry skin and don’t even know it. Dry skin is a skin type, as in, many of us are naturally prone to dry skin because of our genetics and our hormones. Dry skin can also occur as a result of external factors like cold air, exposure to hot water and certain medications. The truth is that the large majority of us are prone to dry skin, which is why we are advised to moisturize at least once a day. When skin becomes very dry, irritation can develop, and irritation almost always leads to itchiness.

Poor Hygiene

Cleansing is a crucial step of any beard care routine. This is because sweat, dirt, oil and bacteria can all throw off the skin’s pH balance, leading to things like redness and itching. So, if you’re not cleansing regularly, don’t be surprised if your beard itches.

Harsh Products

We all know the importance of incorporating products into our daily routine in order to keep that beard soft, shiny and healthy. But, every product has its own unique formula, and some formulas can actually cause irritation. Lots of commercial beard care products contain filler ingredients that are cheap to manufacture but extremely harsh on the skin. If you find that your beard itch has worsened after you’ve started using a new product, that’s a sign that it’s the ingredients causing the problem.


Skin allergies are more common than you may think. Many of us are sensitive to at least one commonly used ingredient, and when our skin is exposed to that ingredient, we develop irritation that can lead to itching, dryness and flaking. So, always take into

consideration the fact that your beard itch may be caused by one specific product in your routine.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are, unfortunately, relatively common. They are most often caused by poor shaving habits as well as congested pores. If you have an ingrown hair, you’ll likely notice a red, painful bump somewhere beneath your beard in addition to the itchiness.

Skin Infection

Lastly, sometimes beard itch is caused by an actual infection of the skin that’s either bacterial or fungal in nature. While itchiness is the most common symptom of a skin infection, you may also notice that the skin is red, irritated and flaky.

Overall, While Beard Itch is a Very Common Issue, It’s Also Very Treatable!

But, in order to treat it, you must know what’s causing it. Use this guide above to figure out what it is that you’re doing or not doing that’s causing that itchiness to persist.