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What Causes Those Little Beard Curls to Form?

What Causes Those Little Beard Curls to Form?

After our beards reach a certain length, we can finally see what our natural beard hair type is.  We eventually discover whether we have straight or curly beards, and we learn that our facial hair is either coarse or fine. 

Another thing that happens to many guys once their beards reach a certain length is that they discover little curly strands that seem to pop up out of nowhere.  We’re talking about those random curly beard hairs that don’t seem to follow the same pattern as the rest of our facial hair.

So, what causes these little beard curls?

Cause #1: Your Natural Curl Pattern

We all have a natural curl pattern that is based on our genetics.  We can’t really see our beard’s curl pattern until we’ve grown out our facial hair for at least a few months.  Sometimes, those little random curls indicate that you have a unique curl pattern that’s been determined by nature.  In other words, it’s not really something that you can stop from happening from time to time. Some curl patterns naturally cause a particularly kinky hair to grow from time to time, usually after it’s gotten decently long.

Cause #2: The Health of Your Facial Hair

Another thing that can cause certain strands to develop a curl is the overall health of your facial hair.  If your facial hair is unusually dry, for instance, individual strands can get completely stripped of moisture, and as a result, they can coil up due to what’s essentially dehydration.  If you’re using beard care products that are drying, or you’re spending a lot of time in a house that has dry air due to your cooling or heating system, you may find that these random curls occur more frequently.

Cause #3: Your General Health

Believe it or not, the state of your health can have a lot to do with the way in which your facial hair grows.  If you’ve always had very straight facial hair and suddenly these random curls start popping up, you may want to consider any internal changes that have taken place recently.  One interesting factor that can affect a beard’s curl pattern is stress. Sudden, severe stress can essentially confuse the hair follicles, causing them to behave unusually. Similarly, sudden dietary changes can disrupt the natural growth pattern of your facial hair, causing it to develop random curls here and there.

Now You Know How Those Little Beard Curls Develop

If you’re wondering where those little beard curls come from, this guide should help you figure that out.  As you’ll see, a number of factors can contribute to this common occurrence. And, keep in mind that most guys see these little curls from time to time.