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When’s the Best Time to Grow a Beard?

When’s the Best Time to Grow a Beard?

A lot of us guys dream of growing a long and luscious beard at least once in our lives, so that we can try out the look and enjoy watching our testosterone in action.  But, some times are better for growing out our facial hair than others, as you’ll soon find out.

When You Want to Go for a Long and Full Beard

Of course, the best time to grow out a long beard is when you want a long beard.  As you may know, growing your facial hair takes commitment, time, patience and effort.  If you’re not ready to commit to the process that’s required, you’re going to end up giving up halfway, or simply not putting effort into keeping that beard healthy. 

When You’re Past Your Twenties

As it turns out, growing out your beard seems to be a lot easier as you get older.  This has to do with the natural way in which testosterone levels rise as men age. During puberty, testosterone is very low, which means that any attempt to grow a beard can result in a patchy, thin and slow-growing disappointment.  But, after our twenties, the rate at which facial hair grows accelerates, and, for many men, continues to improve into our fifties or sixties.

When Your Rate of Growth Seems to Be at a High

Every man’s rate of growth when it comes to his facial hair is different, and many men find that during some period of their lives, their beards are growing faster than usual.  This has to do with a number of factors, including stress levels, nutrition levels and hormone levels. So, when your facial hair seems to be growing faster than it used to, you may want to take advantage of this by letting that beard get long.

During the Summer Season

During the summer season, our beards grow more quickly than they do during the cold months of the winter.  This has to do with the way in which sun exposure boosts testosterone, allowing facial hair to grow more freely.  So, if you’re looking for the best time of year to start growing out a long and full beard, you may want to start off the process when the weather warms up.

When You’re Ready to Commit to a Daily Beard Care Routine

Growing out a beard requires that you put in lots of effort, as we said earlier.  You need to be on top of the grooming process, which includes shaping and trimming it regularly, and you also have to have the time to apply the right products to your facial hair each day to ensure that it remains healthy.  So, once you feel that you have the means to take care of your beard properly on a daily basis, you can allow the growing process to begin.

When You’re Ready for a Change

Some guys decide to grow out a beard simply because they’re ready for a change.  Having a beard is an easy and natural way to try out a new look, or experiment with a new way of expressing your unique personality.  Having a beard can change your appearance dramatically, and can make you feel different on the inside. 

Why the Over Grown Beard Growth Oil from LA Roots Can Supercharge Your Beard Growth

Now that you know about the best times to grow a beard, we’re going to talk about how you can maximize that growth for faster and more satisfying results.  The Over Grown Beard Growth Oil from LA Roots was specially formulated by chemists to help your facial hair grow faster and thicker than ever before.  It contains plant-based nutrients that supercharge the rate of growth in a way that’s easy, sustainable and highly effective.

Timing Can Be Everything

If you’re wondering when you should go for that long, full beard, this guide will help you figure that out.  Of course, it’s your facial hair, so you can decide to grow it whenever you feel like it. However, following this guide will help you maximize your natural growth rate, especially when you use the Over Grown Beard Growth Oil from LA Roots.