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When Should You See Improved Bearded Results?

When Should You See Improved Bearded Results?

So, you just started a brand-new beard care routine in order to end up with a healthier-looking beard, and you’re feeling a bit impatient, wondering when you’re going to finally notice a change for the better.  Well, you know the phrase, “good things come to those who wait,” right? Facial hair transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but it shouldn’t take forever, either. 

Today, we’ll be talking about how long it should take to notice real results after starting a solid beard care routine.  We’ll also be talking about what to do if your new routine isn’t really giving you the results that you had hoped for.

The Life Cycle of Your Beard

Every guy’s facial hair situation is unique.  For example, some hair types take longer to absorb moisture than others.  However, as a general rule of thumb, you should see positive results within 30 days of starting a new, dedicated beard care routine.  This is because of the natural life cycle of facial hair. Facial hair that’s healthy should look and feel soft, smooth and tame by the time it has matured, which is about one month.  Additionally, new hair has grown in by now, so if your facial hair is still thin and patchy, that’s a sign that your routine actually isn’t working.

What to Expect After 30 Days

After 30 days of committing to a daily beard care routine, you should notice that your facial hair is softer to the touch, and relatively glossy in appearance.  This is a sign that your beard has finally absorbed and retained the proper amount of moisture that it needs. You should also notice that your beard has more even growth, and that it’s far more manageable.  Dry, damaged facial hair is prone to frizz and breakage, while healthy facial hair tends to be neat and tidy.

What Happens If You Don’t See Results?

So, what happens if 30 days have passed and you still don’t see the results that you were hoping for?  Well, this is almost always a sign that your routine is lacking, not that your beard is failing to respond.  The wrong beard care products will fail to transform your facial hair for the better. In fact, lots of beard care products on the market that claim to provide positive results actually make the state of your beard worse because they contain harsh chemicals that strip away moisture and irritate the skin. 

Therefore, it goes without saying that if you don’t get the results that you want within 30 days, it’s time to make some changes.  First, ask yourself if you have any bad habits that could sabotage your routine. Are you washing your beard with scalding hot water that leads to damage?  Are you brushing your facial hair so often that it’s agitating the cuticles, causing frizz? If your daily habits are all good, it’s time to switch up the products.

LA Roots: Capable of Transforming Your Beard for the Better

At LA Roots, we’ve got a variety of beard care products that are fully capable of giving you the transformation you’re looking for within 30 days.  We’ve got our celebrated Two-Step Beard Care System that provides loads of moisture from natural, plant-based ingredients.  We also offer our One-Step Beard Growth Serum that can improve the growth rate while helping the facial hair grow in fully so that you can kiss that patchy beard goodbye.

All Good Things Take Some Time

This is definitely the case when it comes to your beard care journey.  What matters most is that you use the right products and stay consistent with your daily routine.  And, the products at LA Roots make it easy to transform your beard within a reasonable timeframe so that you can enjoy significantly improved facial hair.