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Which Beard Oil Ingredients Should You Stay Away from in 2020?

Which Beard Oil Ingredients Should You Stay Away from in 2020?

As more guys embrace growing a full beard, we’re seeing a spike in sales of beard oils.  This is completely understandable as in order to keep that full beard healthy, beard oil is absolutely essential.  So many factors that we are exposed to daily can deplete the beard of moisture, and facial hair is already prone to dryness to begin with. 

Yes, there are Some Bad Ingredients!

However, as most men have figured out by now, not all beard oils are created equally.  The truth is that beard oil can contain any variety of ingredients, and some are more beneficial than others.  In fact, some beard oil ingredients are flat out bad for your facial hair and skin.

Today, we’ll be talking about the beard oil ingredients that you should completely avoid if you want to maintain healthy skin and facial hair.

Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic fragrances are everywhere, which leaves most guys thinking that they’re totally fine.  However, synthetic fragrances tend to be derived from petroleum, which can be extremely irritating to the skin.  Irritated skin can cause the beard to suffer, as it can lead to hair loss and slow growth.  Therefore, plant-based fragrances like essential oils are always the way to go.


Sulfates are cheap filler ingredients that have cleansing properties, and honestly, we don’t know why they exist in beard oils, but they do.  Sulfates are extremely harsh and drying, and so you absolutely don’t want to be applying them to your facial hair on a daily basis, especially in the form of a product you leave on all day like beard oil. 


Parabens are synthetic preservatives that can extend the shelf life of your beard oil.  Parabens are in all kinds of products that we use daily, like body washes, shampoos and so on.  However, parabens are probably good to avoid altogether, as they can be harmful to use on a regular basis.  This is because parabens absorb into the bloodstream easily, and the body confuses them with estrogen.  This means that as a guy, using parabens on a daily basis can actually cause your estrogen levels to increase, which can lead to a host of health problems while throwing your hormones totally off balance.


A lot of beard oil products use them, as do conditioners, moisturizers and other products intended to hydrate.  Many people love silicones because they leave the hair feeling slippery and looking glossy, which makes people think that they are extremely moisturizing.  However, this isn’t the case at all.

Silicones are essentially sealants that coat the shaft of your facial hair.  They create a shiny seal over each individual hair, which tricks people into thinking that they moisturize the beard.  However, they don’t actually penetrate each hair, and so they aren’t moisturizing the inner parts of each strand that need the proper moisture levels.  Further, they actually prevent moisture from getting in because of the tight seal that they provide.

When it comes to facial hair, we need ingredients that hydrate deep beneath the surface of the cuticle.  That’s why silicones should be avoided.

LA Roots: Natural, Plant-Based Beard Oil Formulas

At LA Roots, we use natural formulas made from plant-derived ingredients that are beneficial to your facial hair and skin in a number of ways.  You’ll never see any of the above ingredients in our products, because we know better.

Use ONLY Natural Ingredients that Promote a Healthier Beard

As you can see, a lot of commonly used ingredients found in commercial beard oils can actually be quite harmful to your facial hair over time.  Use this guide to know exactly what to avoid when choosing a beard oil formula.  At LA Roots, we got you covered.