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Why Minoxidil is Bad for Beards

Why Minoxidil is Bad for Beards

At LA Roots, we always go out of our way to be as transparent with our customers as possible about the ingredients that we put into our formulas, and how they impact both your facial hair and skin.  As you know, our all-natural formulas were created to be extremely beneficial without causing any side effects. 

Another thing that we aim to do is educate our bearded customers on maintaining healthy facial hair in a holistic manner.  We’ve written before about ingredients in beard care products that should be avoided at all costs, and today we’ll talk about a relatively new one that we’re especially concerned about: minoxidil.  We’ll be explaining what this ingredient is, what it does and why it should absolutely be avoided.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a compound that was first used for hypertension patients.  It widens the blood vessels, which is why it can directly combat high blood pressure.  When it first came out, it existed in the form of oral tablets, and required a prescription.

Why is Minoxidil Used by Bearded Guys?

It didn’t take long for certain beard care brands to discover that minoxidil might be able to help with beard hair growth.  We know that a large part of maintaining a fast-growing beard is making sure there’s a lot of circulation to the facial hair follicles.  As a compound that opens up the blood vessels, minoxidil may increase circulation to this area of the face.  In fact, the best-selling beard growth product uses minoxidil as its active ingredient.

What Does Minoxidil Do?

While minoxidil may help with beard growth (some sources say that it actually doesn’t), it’s absolutely not worth the risks.  When you apply minoxidil to your face, what you may not realize is that it’s absorbing through the skin and reaching the bloodstream, because it does work topically as well as orally.  And, once it’s in your body, it can cause serious side effects.

Think about it this way: each time you apply minoxidil to your skin, you’re basically giving your body a dose of a hypertension medication.  Now, medications for high blood pressure can cause all kinds of side effects, especially if you yourself don’t suffer from the condition.  It can cause things like tachycardia, heart palpitations, diarrhea, dizziness, edema, chest pains and serious long-term effects to overall cardiovascular health.  So, is it really worth it, especially when there are better options available today?

Another issue is that it seems a lot of guys are allergic or intolerant to minoxidil, and can experience an allergic reaction when they use it.  Allergic reactions can be extremely severe, causing the throat to close up, making breathing impossible.

The Beard Products at LA Roots: Always Minoxidil-Free

At LA Roots, we refuse to use minoxidil in our formulas.  Not only do we have much concern over its possible side effects, but we know that there are simply better choices out there today.  We work with a team of chemists to develop plant-based formulas that can improve beard growth, so we don’t need to even consider using minoxidil.  In fact, our Over Grown Beard Growth Oil is the perfect alternative.

Natural Alternatives Can Be Just as Effective

Although minoxidil has been used for years by guys dealing with thinning and hair loss, you can see quite plainly that it’s not really worth the side effects.  Luckily, chemists are always hard at work finding new ways to combat facial hair thinning and hair loss, which means that today, there are many alternatives to this medication.