LA Roots Beard Oil

LA Roots Essence


LA Roots Essence - Best Beard Product 2019 | Sea Breeze



Scientifically Formulated
Made in America

Essence is Essential

Designed to complement LA Roots Beard Oil, Essence is fortified with Allantoin to lock-in and increase the moisture content of your beard with gentle, soothing comfort.  It is the must have for your beard grooming routine.

LA Roots Essence is crafted to cement in the moisturizing benefits of LA Roots oil. It's like clear coat on your car - locking in a perfect shine. 

Allantoin, the key ingredient, is commonly used to moisturize the skin and mask the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. When applied directly after LA Roots Oil, Essence feels like a refreshing splash of cool water with a lasting, attractive scent. You'll feel your beard soaking in all of the moisture the second you put it on. 

We recommend applying Essence immediately after our oil every morning to maximize your beard's benefit. Your beard will thank you.