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LA Roots - Best Beard Oil 2019 | South Bay
LA Roots - Best Beard Oil 2019 | South Bay LA Roots - Best Beard Oil 2019 | South Bay LA Roots Beard Oil - Moisturize and Hydrate

LA Roots Beard Oil was crafted with one goal in mind - make it perfect. 

In developing LA Roots Formula IX we tested, and I kid you not, hundreds of existing beard oils. Each one we tried had something that wasn't just right - they were too greasy, too light, or smelled bad. 

We applied those lessons to LA Roots. It moisturizes, absorbs quickly, and leaves a subtle and lasting pleasurable scent. You're going to be complimented every single day.

Dry, flaky skin not only makes your beard itchy, but also leaves unflattering dandruff that everyone can see.  LA Roots Formula IX is optimized to moisturize your skin and leave a protective sheen on your beard. This leaves it feeling hydrated and looking great. Say goodbye to the early beard growth scritches.

You're going to love what you receive. LA Roots Oil is methodically crafted to be the perfect beard oil. We made it perfect so your beard can be too.

 Includes one 1 fl. oz. bottle of LA Roots Beard Oil

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Liquid Gold

I purchased this for my husband, as he is into maintaining his beard. His words: "It smells great! I could feel it start to moisturize right away, and sooth any itching. It leaves it looking fresh, and not greasy looking. This is going to be my new go-to oil." I agree! His beard has never looked so refreshed. It also smells SO good. Purchase this for your bearded men asap! They'll thank you later. Great job on the formula, LaRoots!